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Christmas Churns Quilt

Christmas Churns Quilt

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Merry Christmas -- a little early! I'm Alison from Little Bunny Quilts and I'm back with a one charm pack plus one jelly roll pattern that uses the scraps in the pieced border -- waste not!

This quilt finishes at 68"square! I used Lella Boutique's "Little Tree" line for this quilt.

1 Jelly Roll Little Tree by Lella Boutique
1 Charm Pack Little Tree by Lella Boutique
2.25 yards background fabric (I used a tan on white print from the Overnight Delivery line)
4 yards backing fabric (I used the green large floral print)
1/2 yard binding fabric (I used the red and white stripe)

From your background cut the following:

Twenty two (22) 2.5" x WOF strips (six for inner border; sixteen for blocks/outer border)

Thirty Two (32) 5" squares (for blocks)

Each of your blocks will require two charm pack squares, two background squares, one Jelly Roll strip, and one 2.5" x WOF background strip for the outer parts of your churn dash. We will make the center nine patches later. First, choose sixteen (16) colored jelly roll strips. These will become the "sides" of the churn dash.

Next, choose thirty two (32) charm squares, sixteen pairs of squares matching your already chosen Jelly Roll strips. I have 5 red, 4 blue, 4 black, and 3 green jelly roll strips so I chose 10 red, 8 blue, 8 black, and 6 green charm squares.

To each of your sixteen colored jelly roll strips, sew one 2.5" x WOF background strip. Press towards the colored jelly roll strip. Subcut each strip into four (4) subsections, each 6.5" long. These units will measure 4.5" across and you will need sixteen sets of four matching side sections for your blocks. Save the "stubs" of your strip pieced sections for the pieced border.


Draw a diagonal line on the back of each of your 5" background square. Pair each background square with one of your pre-chosen charm squares, sewing 1/4" from each side of the diagonal line, cutting apart on the diagonal line, pressing towards your focal fabric, and trimming each half square triangle unit to 4.5" square. You will make a total of sixty four (64) half square triangles, four for each of your churn dash blocks.


Now we'll make the nine-patches for the centers of our blocks. You can make these units as scrappy or as controlled as you desire -- I choose to make mine not-so-scrappy. These nine-patches are the perfect opportunity to use the lighter jelly roll strips in your jelly roll -- the light background ones that sometimes we don't know what to do with! Each nine patch needs 5 dark/4 light --or-- 4 dark/5 light 2.5" squares -- I found that out of two jelly roll strips, one dark and one light, I could make three full nine patches. Use the jelly roll strips you haven't used yet (you should have 24 remaining jelly roll strips!) -- you'll use approximately 6 dark and 6 light jelly roll strips to make the sixteen (16) nine patches.

Now you've made strip pieced sides, half square triangles, and nine patches! Let's make some blocks!

For each block you will need four (4) strip pieced side units, four (4) half square triangles, and one (1) nine patch. Lay out as shown below, sew into rows, then sew rows together for each block. Make a total of sixteen (16) blocks; each block will measure 14.5" unfinished.


Let's bring out those remaining jelly roll strips, the stubs of the strip pieced side sections, and even your charm squares if you're feeling wild. These will become our 4.5" wide pieced border. Subcut the remainders of the strip pieced side sections into 4.5" squares. Pair together your remaining jelly roll strips -- one light with one dark -- and subcut into additional 4.5" squares until you have a total of sixty (60) light/dark rectangle pairs.

Lay out your quilt as shown below: your churn dash blocks will be in a four by four grid without any sashing. Next, use the remaining six (6) 2.5" X WOF strips sewn end-to-end as the first border around the sixteen churn dash blocks, adding strips to the sides first, then to the top and bottom.

Prepare your pieced borders as follows: each side will require fifteen (15) 4.5" strip pieced squares sewn together; the top and bottom will each require seventeen (17) 4.5" strip pieced squares sewn together. Add the sides first, and the top and bottom afterwards.




Layer with batting and backing, quilt as desired, and bind.

This quilt finishes at 68" square!

Thank you for letting me share this easy quilt with you today! As always, if you make a quilt using one of my patterns feel free to tag me on Instagram (@littlebunnyalison) or to share in the Moda Bake Shop Facebook Group!

Alison Vermilya
{Little Bunny Quilts and HBD Designs}