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March Challenge

March Challenge

Written by: 
Lisa Calle

So far this year, you have gotten tidy and layered up. Now this month's challenge is one that is both very easy and perhaps very difficult...Oda May says Let It Go!

We all have those projects (or supplies!) that we just never get to - the kit we bought that was on sale or seemed like the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, the must-have ruler to make only one type of block that you just never got around t0 making, the supplies for an entire new hobby that you thought you would love doing. Or maybe it's an old quilt top that you don't want to dedicate your precious crafty resources to finishing. This month, free yourself of those things and just let it go! Donate, gift, or even sell them.

For me, it's a small bucket of yarn and some crib sized quilt tops that my kids outgrew long before I was able to finish them. The yarn is going to a friend who knits and the quilt tops went to my guild's charity committee to finish and donate. I also left a quilt kit in the giveaway box at a retreat center on my last visit.

What will you let go this month? Maybe it's a bad habit (like leaving your rotary cutter open). Let us know in the comments and we will pick a giveaway winner at the end of the month. Don't forget to stop by our Facebook group to show us what you are letting go of this month: facebook.com/groups/MBSbakers.

February's challenge winner is Ann Witten! Congratulations Ann!

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