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Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea

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Sweetwater. Sweet Tea. With that kind of synchronicity , you just know the collection is going to be as enticing as a big glass of cold "sweet tea" on a hot, summer day.

Cobblestone Quilt by Sweetwater

I must confess that I was in my 30s - okay, maybe my 40s - when I first heard of this thing called "sweet tea". I knew of iced tea, and of iced tea with sugar, but not that it had an official name, or that there are parts of the country where tea without sugar must be ordered as "unsweet".

Sweet Tea - the collection - is easier for me to request. I want it. And this quilt - it's titled Cobblestone.

Made with 1 Sweet Tea Jelly Roll and 1 Sweet Tea Honey Bun, Cobblestone finishes at 60" x 60". (A Honey Bun has 42 strips - 1-1/2" x 42".)

This is what one of the Sweetwater girls - Karla, Lisa or Susan - wrote about Sweet Tea... "Ah… sweet summertime! It’s a time to relax on a porch swing while sipping a cold glass of freshly brewed “sweet tea”. When I daydream, my perfect world would usually include sitting on the front porch of an old farmhouse somewhere down south enjoying a glass of tea. Notice I said tea – because the reality is that I’m a Colorado girl and there isn’t any authentic “sweet tea” in sight. No matter what your drink of choice is, let this Sweet Tea fabric collection inspire you to relax a bit and create a beautiful quilt to sit beside you."

Sweet Tea includes one of Sweetwater's signature text prints.

There are four color stories - Vanilla, Red, Taupe and Blue - that includes Splash and Navy.

Splash - the perfect summery shade of blue. It reminds me of a perfectly-faded and worn chambray shirt. But that's probably just me.

Red. Red and Vanilla - even better.

Cobblestone includes a few hand-embroidered rectangles - the text drawings are included in the pattern.

Crossroads. In Red and Taupe, this has a modern feel that works in every season. It would also be terrific in Red and Spalsh... maybe with a little Navy mixed in. Crossroads finishes at 64" x 75" and it's made with 1/4-yards, 1/3-yards and 2 yards of cream for the blocks and borders.

Moda Love block image by Anna Dineen.

Moda Anna used a mini charm pack of Sweet Tea and a crossweave background to make this 12" Moda Love block. (I think it's one of the thirty-six blocks Anna has planned.)

So that's Sweet Tea.

Cool. Refreshing. A no calories.

Sweet Tea and the patterns will be in shops any day now.

All images except the Moda Love block are by Sweetwater.