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Red & White Quilts - Special Exhibit

Red & White Quilts - Special Exhibit

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Red & White Quilts - 14 Quilts With Timeless Appeal.  If you've seen the book, now you can see the quilts.

Representing patchwork and appliqué in a classic color combination, the fourteen quilts from the Red & White Quilts book show a diversity of styles ranging from traditional to modern.  While the quilts are all two-color quilts, only a few are two-fabric quilts.  

Sweet Dreams by Lissa Alexander

Designed and pieced by Lissa Alexander / Quilted by Teresa Silva.  Measuring 78.5" x 96.5", this quilt looks like it has curved piecing.  A clever use of angles and quilting that emphasizes the curves fool the eye. 

Memory of a Masterpiece by Lisa Bongean

Designed and pieced by Lisa Bongean / Quilted by Valerie Krueger.  This quilt measures 76.5" x 76.5" and... it has 3,272 half-triangle squares that finish at 1".  And 364 flying geese that finish at 1" x 2".  

But the results make it time very well-spent.  

Five of the fourteen quilts are made with two fabrics.  The rest are a wee bit scrappier.

Tracking Tradition by Debbie Roberts

Pieced, hand-appliquéd and quilted by Debbie Roberts.  Measuring 57.5" x 69.5", this quilt mixes antique-inspired Turkey Tracks blocks, an appliqué center medallion and a pieced border.  

Daydreams by Camille Roskelley

Designed and pieced by Camille Roskelley / Quilted by Abby Latimer.  Making a red and white quilt has been on Camille's to-do list for a long time.  Using fabrics from her various collections, Camille's quilt includes little bits of other colors.  Genius.

Enough With The Curves by Jen Kingwell

Hand-pieced, hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted by Jen Kingwell.  When Jen's love of curved piecing and circles elicited an Instagram comment of "enough with the curves", she used the name for this quilt.  

It measures 46.5" x 46.5" and can be appliquéd by hand or machine.

The other quilts in the book are:

  • Ruby Jubilee by Karen Styles
  • Happy Accident by Susan Ache
  • Stars in Flight by Jill Shaulis
  • Flower Power by Helen Stubbings
  • #Twisted Cabin by Sarah Huechteman
  • Scarlet Song by Kim Diehl
  • Walk This Way by Carrie Nelson
  • Crowd Pleaser by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
  • Forever Thoughtful by Sue Daley

Red & White Quilts will be on display at Quilt Festival Houston through Sunday, November 11, 2018.