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Making It... Cool!

Making It... Cool!

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Have you seen the new television show, Making It, with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman?  It's a bit of a cross between the British television show, "The Great British Bake-Off" and "Project Runway."

Image from WSBuzz.

It's a very cool, very entertaining, crafting show described as one where the contestants are talented people having a friendly competition involving crafting - painting, drawing, working with wood, metal and fabric.  Each of the six episodes will consist of two projects - one timed and the other themed - designed to test the contestants' ability to think outside of the box as they make crafts by hand.

Image from Los Angeles Times, 2018.

For each competition, the winners will be judged - a la Bake-Off and Project Runway - and the winners will receive patches - merit badges!  

Merit badges?  Like Girl Scouts.  Like Quilting Scouts?  Moda Scouts!

We've had fun with our Moda Merit Badges and now that they're almost gone, we wanted to share a few more ideas.  We opened up the packages to free up the badges, then we came up with ideas on how badges could be awarded.

At Retreat - award badges for the following:

  • Sew First Ask Questions Later for the first full bobbin used.
  • Born 2 Quilt for the last person sewing each night.
  • Got Fabric? for the first person up sewing in the morning!
  • No Regrets!  For the first person who has to pull out the seam ripper.
  • Most projects finished?  Kiss My Stash!

What else would you add?

At a class - award badges for the following:

  • Stitch. Rip. Repeat. for the first block finished in class.
  • The Rotary Cutter badge for everyone who comes to class with their projects cut out.
  • Practice Safe Basting or the Pin Cushion for the obsessive enthusiastic pinners in the group.

And what would you do with your badges?  Like pins, they can be saved on a bulletin board.  Or attached to an apron, tote bag or pillow.  

A few of these were the Designer badges at Spring Market 2016.

One last thing, the Semi-Annual Warehouse Sale starts today in Dallas.  As much as we might all wish it were otherwise, it is only open to shop owners.  If your favorite shop owner is going to be here, tell her you want some Merit badges.  (There are only a handful left.)

Happy Monday!

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