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Meet Cute Quilt

Meet Cute Quilt

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This is a simple colorful quilt with large blocks. It has no seams to match and with the large block pattern it takes just four blocks to make a baby quilt. A lap quilt uses 12 blocks.

This quilt/project finishes at 53" x 70".


  • Focus Fabric - Grunge Hits the Spot - 4 charm packs (42 squares each)

We need 126 charm squares (3 charm packs) for this quilt. But I left out the very light colors because they would not have a good contrast against the white background

Choose these


Omit these
  • Background Fabric (White) - 24 jelly roll strips (or use 1 3/4 yards)
  • 1 1/2 yards wide backing fabric - 108" Grunge Hits the Spot - Pool
  • 1/2 yards binding fabric - Bella Turquoise. Cut into 2.5" strips. You will need seven strips for binding


  • Cut all charm squares into half - 2.5" by 5" rectangles. We need 252 rectangles. This is our focus fabric.
  • Take 12 background strips, keep them folded, and cut a 15" section from each. We need 24 strips - 2.5" by 15".
  • Take the remaining 12 background strips, keep folded, and cut an 18" section from each.We need 24 strips - 2.5" by 18".

The "cute" Chinese coins block "meets" the rail fence layout.  Therefore we call this quilt - "Meet Cute".

Finished Block Dimensions

To make one block (as seen above), we need 21 rectangles (2.5" by 5") of focus fabric, two background strips (2.5" by 15"), and two background strips (2.5" by 18").

Select seven focus fabric rectangles and arrange them in a column (see picture below) in a pleasing way. Sew with a 1/4" seam. Iron all seams to one side.

Trim to 5" by 15". This is Unit A. Set aside. Repeat with the remaining 14 rectangles to make three such units.

To make the block, place two 15" strips of background fabric in between the three A units. Sew using a 1/4" seam. Trim to 18" by 15".

Sew the 18" background strips on the top and the bottom, as shown in the figure below.

Your block will measure 18" by 18.5".  Since we want a square block, trim 1/4" from the just added strips to get a block 18" by 18".

Trimmed 1/4" from top and bottom

Your first block is complete.

Similarly make the remaining 11 blocks.

Arrange the blocks in a 3 by 4 layout - one horizontal and one vertical, as shown in the layout.

Sew the blocks into rows. Press seams to one side. Sew the rows into columns. Press seams.

Finished Top

Enjoy your finished top. Layer, baste, quilt, bind and label.

Grunge Hits the Spot Wide Backing - Pool


Binding with Bella Turquoise

Snuggle and Enjoy.

Meet Cute Quilt

This quilt finishes at 53" x 70".

You can also use jelly rolls, layer cakes or Moda Scrap Bag to cut the focus rectangles.

See, so many possibilities to Meet Cute!!!

Preeti Harris