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Yummy scrummy...

Yummy scrummy...

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I wondered if there was a definition for that and yes, there is.

Adjective: scrummy (scrummier,scrummiest) skrú-mee. Usage: Brit. Extremely pleasing to the senses. "the dessert was scrummy"; - delectable, delicious, luscious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy, delish [informal]


If you've never touched - petted! - Primitive Gatherings' Wool & Needle Flannels, it's impossible to know how wonderfully soft they are.  The texture is soft and the color is rich, vibrant and exactly what you'd expect from Lisa Bongean.

They are... yummy scrummy.

As with the first four Wool & Needle Flannel collections, Lisa has created fabrics that are perfectly suited for piecing and as foundations for Lisa's gorgeous, signature wool appliqué.  Made of 100% cotton, these printed flannels cut, stitch and wash beautifully.

I love these fabrics so I want to make sure you see that there are six different "prints" in this new Wool & Needle Flannels V collection -

And okay, it gave me a reason to touch all of the fabrics.  The colors are Sage, Evergreen, Sunset, Straw, Dusk, Wine, Ruby, Cardinal, Cornflower Blue, Dove, Blackbird and Bark.

The colors and plaids absolutely shine in Lisa's new Live A Simple Life Block of the Month.

This quilt is a six-month Block of the Month at some shops, but the pattern and fabric is available if you want to make it all right now.

Because Lisa lives in Wisconsin and likes warm, cuddly quilts for the winter, she also uses these Wool & Needle V Flannels for "regular" quilts - quilts that showcase the colors and textures in the collection.  They're also unique in that they are perfect quilts for those wanting something "a little less flowery..."

Step By Step is a bed-sized 92" x 112".

This is Granite Peak - it measures 80" x 80" and there are two versions, a Red version and this Gold Granite Peak quilt.

Finally, there is the Working Man's Quilt - it's a favorite here.

This quilt is made with charm packs for the blocks, and it can be made in two different sizes, 92" x 92" or 68" x 80".  This might be the perfect "curl up on the couch" quilt, especially in places where it gets a bit colder in the winter.

Wool & Needle Flannels V are in shops now... I wish I had some now.  As you're reading this, I'm here...

It's been suggested that I need to take some pictures of quilts outside in the snow... huh?

That would mean being outside.  In the snow.  Where it's cold!

I'll let you know what happens.  It is sunny...

The good news is that the eats at this place are yummy scrummy.  And the company is even better.

Happy Friday!  I hope it's wonderful where you are - have a great weekend!