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WEEK 12b: Quilt Assembly

WEEK 12b: Quilt Assembly

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This is part 12a of a 13 part quilt-along series. Find the rest of the posts in this series by clicking on the links at the end of this post.

This is it! Today we are putting together the top and bottom sections and then the entire quilt top! As you're working, don't forget to take into account that each corner is different. So pay attention to your directional fabrics and especially the direction of the Applesauce Cross blocks.


Let's get started!

(6) Applesauce Cross blocks
(1) Summer Dreamin' block
(1) Tropical Punch block
(2) sashing strips measuring 1½” x 16½”*
(2) sashing strips measuring 1½” x 18½”*
(1) sashing strip measuring 2½” x 10½”
(2) sashing strips measuring 2½” x 8½”
(1) sashing strip measuring 2½” x 6½”
(1) sashing strips measuring 6½” x 12½”
(1) sashing strips measuring 4½” x 6½”

*These sashing strips may vary depending on the size of your unfinished Delectable Flowers block. The block plus any required sashing needs to measure 18½" unfinished to fill the space.

Add sashing strips as needed to the Delectable Flowers block, starting with the shorter pieces. Press.

Sew (1) 2½” x 8½” to the top and bottom of the Summer Dreamin' block.  Sew (1) 2½” x 6½” to one side of 1 Applesauce Cross block. Join these units together as shown.

Sew (1) 2½” x 10½” to the bottom of the Tropical Punch block.  Sew (1) 4½” x 6½”  sashing piece to one side of 1 Applesauce Cross block. Join these units together as shown.

Sew (2) Applesauce Cross blocks together to make a V shape. Repeat to make a second V shape. Join these units with (1) 6½” x 12½” sashing piece in between.

Assemble the corner unit. Each corner is different. Only the top left corner unit is shown. See below for each corner unit.

The four corners of the quilt top:

(2) Prairie Rose Garden block
(8) Applesauce Cross blocks

Join 4 Applesauce Cross blocks to create an X. Repeat to make 2 of these units.

Join each of these X blocks with a 'Prairie Rose Garden block as shown. Be sure to make both a "top" and "bottom" version as shown.

Now join each corner unit with a top center unit to make the top section.
Repeat with the bottom corners and center to make the bottom section.
The top and bottom sections should both measure 84½" and 24½" tall.

Combine the tops and bottoms with the center made previously.

Add borders as desired. It was designed for a 2½" wide border on each side to float the blocks and keep the corners from disappearing under the binding. Before borders the quilt top measures 84½" square.

Cut the selvedges off border fabric and press. Cut (9) 2½" x WOF strips. Sew together end to end. Cut (2) 84½" long strips for top and bottom borders and (2)  88½" strips for side borders.

(1) quilt top! The finished quilt is square, measuring 84" without borders and 88" with borders.

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