WEEK 12a: Quilt Assembly

WEEK 12a: Quilt Assembly

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Oda May

This is part 12a of a 13 part quilt-along series. Find the rest of the posts in this series by clicking on the links at the end of this post.

Welcome to Week 12! This is the week when everything comes together. We will be doing a two-part post simply because it's a lot of information to squeeze into one post. Today we will put together the middle of the quilt and tomorrow the top and bottom plus borders.

The quilt top is made up of 97 blocks (64 Applesauce Cross and 33 others), filler and borders. We will assemble it in sections, starting with the center. Measurements shown for sashing are UNFINISHED. Cut your sashing to the measurements listed.

The sashing on this quilt is a great opportunity to add more scrappiness and/or color to your quilt. Don't be afraid to get creative! Piano key borders or colorful accent fabrics would really make your blocks pop. However if that's just not your style, just stick to the drawing and use the same background fabric everywhere.

Let's get started!

(1) Figgy Pudding block
(8) Applesauce Cross blocks
(12) Churn Dash blocks
(2) sashing strips measuring 3½” x 18½”
(2) sashing strips measuring 3½” x 24½”

Add sashing strips to Figgy Pudding block, starting with the shorter pieces. Press.

Sew two columns starting at the top with 1 Churn Dash block, 2 Applesauce Cross blocks, 1 Churndash block. Be sure the Applesauce Cross blocks are facing opposite directions as shown in the image below. Sew these columns to each side of the sashed Figgy Pudding block.

Sew two rows of 1 Churn Dash, 1 Applesauce Cross, 2 Churn Dashes, 1 Applesauce Cross, 1 Churn Dash. Be sure the Applesauce Cross blocks are facing the direction shown in the image below. Add these rows to the top and bottom of the Figgy Pudding row.

(4) ‘Nough Said blocks
(24) Applesauce Cross blocks
(2) Stack of Stars blocks
(8) sashing strips measuring 1½” x 10½”
(8) sashing strips measuring 1½” x 12½”

Join 4 Applesauce Cross blocks to create an X. Repeat to make 6 of these units.

Join each of these X blocks with a 'Nough Said block and Stack of Stars block as shown. Be sure to make a "right" side and "left" side version as shown.


Now join the left side to the center and add the right side.
This makes up the middle of the quilt top.

(1) quilt torso! The head and the feet are mirror images of each other and they come tomorrow. This middle section should measure 84.5" wide and 36.5" tall.

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