Quilt-Along Tips and Tricks

Quilt-Along Tips and Tricks

Written by: 
Oda May

Photo from Moda Bake Shop Baker Henny Penny, shared on Facebook


Here are some reader tips and suggestions for the Quilt-Along blocks. We only have two posts left in this Quilt-Along but if you are planning to join late or find this in the future (I empathize as I've joined quilt-alongs a year after they started!) these are for you!

From Wendy Zick:

This is for the Prairie Rose Garden. I wanted a fussy cut in the center so I used a square in a square. Then decided to make geese instead of HST, fewer seams!

Square in a square with fussy cut center:
The center square is cut 3 3/8". Cut one for each block.
The corners are cut 2 7/8", then cut on diagonal. You need 2 of these for each of the blocks.
Square to 4 1/2"

For the geese you need a 5 1/4" square for the inside and four 2 7/8" squares for the wings. This will make 4 geese. Use the "no waste" method. Square each to 2 1/2 x 4 1/2.

From Vikki Barker:

My tip is to print an extra copy of the quilt line drawing and cut the individual blocks out. You can then enlarge them on your printer and make several copies to color with pencils or markers. Itfs an easy way to audition different color combinations.

From Kate Glenn:

I am customizing my QAL by making 12 1/2" blocks where 4 of the Applesauce cross cross blocks would come together. In addition, I've added a small square of color to the center of these blocks. Here are the directions that I posted earlier today:

(1) Cut 16 12 1/2" squares from background fabric, 16 1 1/2" x 18" strips in contrasting color (black for me), 32 1 1/2 " x 9" strips in contrasting color (black for me), and 16 1 1/2" squares in focus fabric (red for me). (2) Mark center of each 12 1/2"square, and then cut in half, diagonally. (3) Sew one 18" strip to half of the triangles. (4) Press seam toward dark. (5) Sew other half of triangles to the other edge of the 18" strip. You should now have a 12 1/2"+ block. (6) Sew one red square to the end on a 9" black strip. Sew another 9" black strip to the opposite side of the red square, making one long strip. Press seams to the black. (7) Cut your 12 1/2"+ block in half diagonally, crossing over the black strip in the middle. (8) Sew half of these triangles to the long side of the black and red strips, nesting seams, so the black points will match. Press to dark. (9) Sew the other half of triangles to the other long side of the black & red strip, nesting seams so the black points will match. Press to the black. (10) Square and trim to 12 1/2".

Thank you to everyone who emailed us and shared your tips in the Facebook group!