WEEK 7b: Applesauce Cross

WEEK 7b: Applesauce Cross

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Oda May


This is part 7b of a 13 part quilt-along series.  Find the rest of the posts in this series by clicking on the links at the end of this post.

Yes, it's still Week 7! Yesterday we shared the alternate version of the Delectable Flowers blocks. It's not easier but it gives you less to worry about with the points and results in a slightly larger block.

Now today is the scheduled post for the week and a lot of you are going to be happy and some of you who have procrastinated are going to have to face those Applesauce Cross blocks. That's right. This week is all about finishing those blocks up! If you've been keeping up, then you have 25 Applesauce Cross to make in the next 7 days. I suggest making 4 today, 3 tomorrow and repeat until they are all done. However! We still have 6 weeks to go in this quilt-along, including an entire week of catch-up. So work at your own pace and remember that it isn't a race.

Some notes:

  • Use a scant ¼” seam.
  • Depending on your cutting method, you may have extras each week of common sizes used throughout the quilt. I suggest you label a couple of plastic bags for “2½″ squares” and “2⅞” squares” so you can make use of the extras another week.

{from Applesauce Quilt by Lauren Terry}

NOTE: The quilt features 64 Applesauce Cross blocks spaced out over the quilt-along. You can either make them all at once or make a few at a time.

From accent fabric, cut:
Cut (6) 1½” x 11½” strips

From background fabric, cut:
Cut (6) 6½” squares


Make Applesauce Cross Blocks

1. Cut 6½” square in two along the diagonal.
2. Mark the center of each triangle and accent fabric strip. Line up marks on strip and one triangle and pin. Sew and press.
3. Align marks on opposite edge of strip and remaining triangle. Pin, sew, and press.
4. Press and trim to 6½” square.

Make (25) 6½” unfinished Applesauce Cross blocks.

x 25


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