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Twenty-five days...

Twenty-five days...

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And counting.  But there is still time to make gifts for friends, family, teachers... yourself.  Have you been nice this year?


(Thank you to the folks at Forbes for the terrific image.  They have a great quote on the opening page - "Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.")

In the coming couple of weeks, we've got all sorts of ideas and projects for last-minute gifts you can make for the folks in your life - quilty and not.

Let's start with the lovely folks over in the Moda Bake Shop.  They've been busy!


This is the Holly Jolly Santa ornament - designed by Oda May.  Measuring about 5" x 7" finished, he's made with Moda Candy Mini Charm squares, scraps of batting and fabric and some cream for the face, nose and beard.


These are Scrap Wraps by Meg Dunton.  They're an Easy project made with Layer Cake squares or Moda Candy Mini Charms - The Cookie Exchange by Sweetwaterfusible fleece, elastic and a couple of buttons.


Everybody loves a bookmark, right?  If you're in a book club, making a cute YoYo Bookmark for everyone in your club would be easily done!  A Charm Square for the YoYo and a strip of fabric for the part that goes in the book.  (What is that called?)  A Jelly Roll or leftover Jelly strips would work perfectly!  Designer Christine Weld describes this as an Easy project.


These Charming Christmas Ornaments by Leila Gardunia are an Easy project made with 5" charm squares - Rouenneries Deux by French General - Heat & Bond Fusible Adhesive and wood die cuts.


This Curling Iron Pocket by Kathy Davis is also an Easy project.  It's made with Moda Candy Mini Charm squares, heat-resistant fabric, batting and double-fold bias tape.  The finished pocket is approximately 10" long x 3" wide.  The fabric is Flow by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic.


I really like this Thread Catcher - also by Kristine Weld.  As a compulsive thread-clipper, I'm always finding threads next to the wastebasket next to my sewing machine.  This would be so much better - and prettier.  (Hint hint.)

This Easy no-sew project is made with a Layer Cake square, batting and Timtex or heavyweight interfacing.  The fabric is Canyon by Kate Spain.

If you have children or grandchildren waiting for Santa to arrive, this might be a nice way to remind them that the cookies aren't for them.


This adorable Cookies for Santa Place Mat is by Patricia Candee - the fabric is Jol by Wenche Wolff Hatling.  One 5" Charm Pack or Mini Charm pack, binding and backing fabric, fusible fleece, lightweight interfacing and a bit of embroidery is all you need for this Easy project.


These Stocking Gift Card Holders are from Julie Hirt and they're made with a Layer Cake of Pine Fresh by Sandy Gervais.  They can be made with ribbon or trim embellishment, or not.  Either way, they're very cute, very fast and described as Easy.

These Charming Christmas Ornaments are from LeAnne Ballard of Everyday Celebrations.


The fabric is Aspen Frost by BasicGrey and depending on how many ornaments you want to make, you'll need 1 Moda Candy Mini Charm pack, 1 or 2 5" Charm Packs, a fat quarter for the initials and scraps of cotton batting.

And finally, it isn't any secret that I love pincushions.  Pinnies.  And these are adorable.


These Scrap Bag Pincushions were also designed by LeAnne.  The pincushions measure approx. 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" and you'll need scraps.  LeAnne often purchases the Moda Scrap Bags as they always have selvedges included.  Scraps of cotton for the pincushion backing will also be required.  These are made with assorted collections by Bonnie & Camille.

So there you have it.  Have you made a list of what to make?  Recipients?

There is more coming this week and next, including a few projects by some of the Moda designers.  Their favorite last-minute gifts and maybe even a recipe or two - I've got fingers crossed on that last part.

Happy Tuesday!