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Quilts. Stories. New York City.

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Make that - Manhattan.  As in... Quilters Take Manhattan.  Circa 2016.


Because it was such a huge success last time - and the five times before that - the folks at the Quilt Alliance are taking to Manhattan again for their annual event - September 23rd through 25th.

Just in case you don't know, the Quilt Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to document, preserve and share the stories of quilts and quiltmakers.  Through their programs Quilters' SOS - Save Our Stories, Go Tell It At The Quilt Show!, the Ardis James QSOS Scholar Program and National Quilting Day, the Quilt Alliance is recording our quilt-stories, celebrating the varied tradition of quilting and working to preserve our quilting history.

The Quilters Take Manhattan event is about getting together to share stories, be inspired, learn something new, raise funds for the Quilt Alliance and have a little bit of fun.  It's New York City, how can "fun" not be part of it?

The speakers this year are:


Clockwise from upper-left:

  • Emcee - Mary Fons - Quilter. Blogger. Talk-show host.  Television star.  Sewlebrity.  Emcee Extraordinaire.
  • Featured Speaker - Kaffe Fassett - Color expert.  Knitter.  Needlepointer.  Quilter.  Artist.  (Kaffe will be signing copies of his new book, Bold Blooms after his lecture-presentation.)
  • Featured Speaker - Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi.  Historian. Curator. Author. Lecturer. Artist. Mentor. Founder. Facilitator.
  • S.O.S. - Save Our Stories - Mark Lipinski. Quilter. Blogger. Author. International Sewlebrity. Raconteur. Founder of the Slow-Stitch Movement.

Quilters Take Manhattan is a three-day event.  It all starts on Friday - Day 1 - with options such as a Workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, guided tours of the NYC Garment District, and hosted tours of the Costume Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the American Folk Art Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, or Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum’s Renowned Textile Center.

Day 2 - Saturday - is the big, full-day event at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  In addition to the talks by the featured speakers and the S.O.S. interview, there are goodie bags, vendors, a silent auction and raffle, a really good box-lunch and the Quilt Match Manhattan.  Watch Aleeda Crawley, Chris Dodsley and Mary Fons vie to win the Heavyweight Quilter of the World - weigh-ins are not required.

Day 3 - Sunday - concludes with presentations by the sponsors of Quilters Take Manhattan, including our own Mark Dunn, the President of Moda Fabrics.  You'll also get to meet Karla Overland - Owner of Cherrywood Fabrics, Michael Newman - President of StoryPatches, Iris Karp - Owner of Mistyfuse and several others.


It sounds like fun, right?


This is the "swag bag" - goodie bag.  The quilt is by Margaret M. Cibulsky of the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild - it won the Handi-Quilter Grand Prize in the 2016 Quilt Alliance "Playing Favorites" contest.

Since Manhattan is a bit of a drive for most of us, we'll have to enjoy it from home.  And we're here to help - we're having a giveaway of a "Moda Home" bag.  It's the bag shown above and it's packed with samples, information and treats from the QTM sponsors, chances to win select door prizes, and a QTM Home Ticket.  Home Ticket holders receive priority access to the online video of the "Sunday with Sponsors' event.  Unfortunately, it does not include video of the featured speakers and interviews due to a prohibitive cost.

To enter the drawing to win the "Moda Home" bag, leave a comment by Midnight - Saturday night, September 10th - telling us if you label your quilts.  If so, what information do you include?

(The winner will be notified via e-mail.)

For additional chances to win a "Moda Home" bag, these lovely folks are participating in a Quilters Take Manhattan blog hop:

Day 1 - Monday - 9.5

Day 2 - Tuesday - 9.6

Day 3 - Wednesday - 9.7

Day 4 - Thursday - 9.9

Day 5 - Friday - 9.10

That's eighteen - 18! - chances to win.

If you're interested in the Quilt Alliance - this is what we wrote last year.  Gender NeutralTakeover Bid.  The Quilt Alliance will also be at Quilt Festival in Houston in November - they're going On The Road.

Happy Wednesday!









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