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Well-intended advice...

Well-intended advice...

Written by: 

Circa 1949.

CT Sewing Head

She doesn't look like she's having any fun, does she?  She must know Mary Brooks Picken.

Mary's advice has been making it's way around cyberspace for a few years, you might have seen it.


You follow this advice to the letter, right?

It's reportedly an excerpt of text from a 1949 sewing manual published by Singer Sewing Machine Co., perhaps even the manual that came with sewing machines being sold at the time.

But the folks at fact-checker Snopes attribute the passage to an edition of the Singer Sewing Book written by Mary Brooks Picken, a prolific author of books on sewing, textile arts and other forms of needlework.  The date and publisher are correct.

An excerpt of the actual text reads...


Dress?  To sew?  If it were up to me, I'd wear jeans all the time.  Or yoga pants.  And I can say with near-absolute certainty that I have never had an "urgent housekeeping chore".  Urgent sewing to do?  Yes.  (Especially right before Quilt Market and the holidays.)

I'm sure Mary meant well but I much prefer the advice circa 2016...


So put on something comfortable, brush your teeth, order some take-out and go sew!

Happy Friday!




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