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On the homestretch...

On the homestretch...

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So where do you purchase most of your fabric?


Inquiring minds want to know. Enquiring minds too.

Today is the last day to take the Survey and the folks at Sewing in America are telling us that we need a few more Moda folks to reply.

So can you help a girl out and take a few minutes of your time to tell them about your sewing and shopping preferences.  The survey takes about ten minutes - that's how long it took me.  I think the survey-folks will be disappointed to learn that while I did buy a sewing machine last year, it is 70-years old.

Here is the link - Sewing In America Survey

Thank you!

UPDATE: The organizers of the Survey wanted a few more Moda-respondents so the Survey was extended for a few days for our link.  And it's been fixed.  Mea culpa - mea goofa earlier.  :)



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