Merrily, merrily rowing...

Merrily, merrily rowing...

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Except I'm late!

And behind - more on that in a moment.

Welcome to the Beauty of a Blog Hop - a hop for the Moda All-Stars All-in-a-Row book!


Compiled by - corralled by? - Lissa Alexander.  ModaLissa.  Friend.  Mentor.  Mother Hen.  Big sister - though not "older sister".  Guidance counselor.  Awesome quilter.  Big-picture thinker.

Published by Martingale ~ That Patchwork Place.  Editor - Jennifer Keltner.  See list above.  (It shouldn't come as a surprise that Lissa and Jennifer are good friends - they have a lot in common.)

All royalties from the All In A Row book will go to NoKidHungry - a charitable organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

For the hop, two designers - rowers - were paired and each of us was to make the other person's row.

This is the row by Brenda Riddle - it's called Garland Knot.


It's made with fabrics from Brenda's Ambleside collection...


The nine-patches - they look like they're fussy-cut with the way the flowers are placed in the squares.  But they're not - Brenda is just. that. good.


Brenda loves applique - and she's really good at it.


More leaves - there were several beautiful green prints in Ambleside.  I particularly like the large floral print that she cut up for some of the leaves - there's a bit of green and that's all that matters.


On the back - her "label".  It's perfect.

So are you sensing that I might possibly be stalling here... maybe perhaps... probably.


This is as far as I got.  It was all those leaves!

Not really, there is only one reason.  I moved this past weekend - just across the street but let it suffice to say that there are were piles of stuff everywhere.  All of which means - I not only didn't finish, I didn't even really get started.

But that does sort of tie in with something I noticed while reading the book... one of my favorite things in the book is a little "skinny" from each designer.


We were each asked a list of questions and some of our answers were included.

Some of the questions were relating to the group...


And cleaning.


This is Brenda's answer - but she's not alone!  Ladies, this is a very compulsive group of tidy-uppers.

Fortunately, there are a few of us who replied that the only thing stopping us from starting a new project is nothing - being awake means we're ready.

Beginning on February 1st, there will be an All In A Row Quilt-along.  It will run through March 15th and there will be prizes!  For every row you complete, you'll receive one entry.  Complete six rows - you get six entries.  Easy, right?  More details will be coming - details will be on Martingale's All In A Row Quilt-Along Facebook page.

On Facebook and Instagram - follow the hashtag - #allinarowquiltalong.

So here's who is hopping and when - it's a bevy of beauties!

January 18: Brenda Riddle & moi.

January 19: Corey Yoder & Janet Clare

January 20: Me & My Sister (aka Barb & Mary) & Barbara Brackman

January 21: Pat Sloan & Edyta Sitar

January 22: Camille Roskelley & Kathy Schmitz

January 23: Sweetwater (Karla, Lisa & ) & Blackbird Designs (Alma & Barb)

January 24:  Anne Sutton & Laurie Simpson

January 25: Lisa Bongean & Joanna Figueroa

January 26: Betsy Chutchian & Jen Kingwell

January 27: Kate Spain & Sandy Gervais

January 28: Kaari Meng & Lynne Hagemeir

If you leave a comment by Friday, January 22nd - midnight - you'll be entered to win a copy of the book and a couple of Layer Cakes to get you started on your rows.

Who knows, even waiting for the fabric and the book, there is a really good chance you'll finish your first row before I do!  (And no, I'm not counting the house row I made for the book.)

Whew.  Done.  I'm off to sew...

Or work.  One of those.

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