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Square Pegs Quilt

Square Pegs Quilt

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Hello! I'm Alison from Little Bunny Quilts and I'm back today to share another fun quilt with you! This is a great beginner quilt project with minimal seam matching and some strip piecing! While it may not look like it initially, this is a fun twist on a classic log cabin!

This quilt finishes at 62.5" x 75".


One Jelly Roll of Basic Mixologie by StudioM
One Charm Pack of Basic Mixologie by StudioM
1 1/3 yards background fabric
4 1/2 yards backing fabric
2/3 yards binding fabric

sept oct 2015 130


From your jelly roll, pick out eight (8) strips that will serve as your inner rings. Cut each of these strips in half lengthwise into two strips that will be 2.5 inches x ~ 22 inches long.

sept oct 2015 133

From your background yardage, cut eight (8) strips 1.75 inches wide x WOF and cut eight (8) strips 3.75 inches wide x WOF. Cut each of these strips in half lengthwise into strips that are 1.75 inches x ~22 inches long and 3.75 inches x ~22 inches long, respectively.

dan williamsburg 128

Pair one half of a jelly roll strip with two 1.75 inch strips -- one on each side -- and pair the other half of the jelly roll strips with two 3.75 inch strips -- again, one on each side. Press toward your center strip.

dan williamsburg 129


Cross-cut each of your prepared strip sets into 2.5 inch sections -- you will need to cut eight (8) 2.5 inch subsets from each strip set. Going forward, "Unit A" is the top unit cut from the narrower strip set and "Unit B" is the bottom unit cut from the wider strip set going. Each block will need 2 Unit As and 2 matching Unit Bs. Repeat for all eight (8) previously chosen strips, you will need 60 Unit As and 60 Unit Bs for 30 blocks.


From your remaining jelly roll strips, cut each strip in to two (2) pieces 9 inches long and two (2) pieces 13 inches long for the outer strips of the block. Note: be very careful in cutting this step as there will be zero waste -- you will need all 44" of each jelly roll strip.

dan williamsburg 135

Using a charm square that matches your cut outer strips, lay out your block as shown below. Each block uses one (1) charm square, two (2) Unit As, two (2) Unit Bs, two (2) 9 inch long jelly roll strips, and two (2) 13 inch long jelly roll strips.

dan williamsburg 132


Sew your Unit As to opposite sides of the center charm square and press out. Sew your Unit Bs to the other two sides of the charm square and press out.

dan williamsburg 137


Sew your 9 inch strips to the same sides to which you added your Unit As and your 13 inch strips to the same sides to which you added your Unit Bs. And now your block is finished! You will need 30 blocks for this quilt.

dan williamsburg 139

Lay out your blocks in a six (6) rows of five (5) blocks apiece. Note: This diagram shows all of your blocks going the same way. I found it helpful to turn every other block 90 degrees so that the long logs were on the left and right for one block, and on the top and bottom for the next block. This helps to reduce some bulky seams!



Layer with backing and batting and quilt as desired then bind! I quilted my quilt with a "mod meander". I used the teal diamond print for my backing and the orange stripe for my binding.


This quilt finishes at 62.5" X 75".

square pegs final 013


square pegs final 024

I hope you enjoy this pattern! I matched my center charm squares and jelly roll strips in each block, but I'd love to see a version with those mixed up! Let me know what you think of this quilt and don't forget to share your versions of Moda Bake Shop quilts! We MBS Chefs LOVE seeing you make quilts with our patterns and putting your spin on them!