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Leaving... on a jet plane...

Leaving... on a jet plane...

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Except our bags aren't packed and we've still got a week to go.  And no, we're not ready.

The first bags - the big crates - are being packed today and they'll be on their way to Houston tomorrow.  Personally, I think it could all wait until next week because Houston is about a four-hour drive away.  But then my opinion wasn't requested and I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

There is still a big stack of quilts in my office that are going to Quilt Market - at least that's the plan.  I had the flat surface on which to put the stack, and the space for them to not be in the way.


There is a stack of boxes in the hallway that will be packed with items to be shipped to the fabric designers - these will have things they won't need at Market so it's shipped instead of their having to stuff it into their luggage to take.

There are also name badges and badge-holders to mail - they'll need those in Houston.


That's fabric that arrived... it's something new to debut next week.

Here's a better look at it...


The capsets-headers for the Market collections that the Reps will use to show the fabrics are ready to go - but you knew that, right?

But what about the fabric designers?  What's going on with them the next ten days?


No, this isn't all of them... not even all of those who will be at Fall Quilt Market next week.  (This is how many I could fit into the picture.)

Sewing.  Sewing.  Packing.  Some shopping.  Sewing.  Showering - hopefully.  Eating - when possible.  Sleeping?  Not likely.  More sewing.


You think I'm kidding?  Ask April Rosenthal - she had 68 pounds of fabric delivered on Friday.  Four days ago.  That means she will have less than two weeks to make her quilts for Market.  And take care of sweet little less-than-five-month-old Hazel.


Laurie Simpson - of Minick & Simpson - is either the calmest person ever... or the  craziest.  She's hand-quilting one of her quilts... and I won't tell you how many half-triangle squares are in this quilt.  (Or that it has applique.) (Hand applique.)

For those than have pre-Market collections - collections that were shown to shops before Quilt Market - life is a little easier.  Their quilts are made - though I think a few are only now being bound... like Kate Spain's Aria quilts.


Are they ready?  No.  But only because I don't think anybody who does this is ever as ready as they want to be.  You're as ready as you're going to be - everybody always wishes they had time to make one more quilt, bag, pillow, whatever.  It's a last-minute scramble to get things shipped for those who have an actual booth of their very own.

If you're wondering what the difference is, it's mostly the amount of stuff that needs to be brought/sent to Quilt Market.  The designers in the Designer Studio have less space than a single 10' x 10' booth, and only one wall to worry about covering.  A "booth in a bag" is sometimes possible - all the quilts and projects you want to show will fit into a large suitcase.  Or two.

Yes, Southwest is a popular "going to Quilt Market" airline because of that two-bags-for-free policy.

So that's what's going on with Moda and the folks here.

I thought I'd be more ready but like everyone else, I keep thinking this time will be better.  And I'll start getting ready earlier next time.

I think that means if I want to be ready for Spring Market next May... I should have started getting ready in 2003.

Happy Tuesday!

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