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Flower Girl Quilt

Flower Girl Quilt

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Hi, I'm Lauren Terry from {flyawayquilts.com}  You can check out my blog for an awesome give away.  Also, if you would like to download the pdf version of this tutorial, you can find it here:  Finished Flower Girl.  Ok, onto the tutorial...


-1 layer cake (or 4 charm packs)

-1 white charm pack

-2 yards neutral/background fabric

-1 yard border fabric

-3/4 yard binding fabric

-4 yards backing fabric



-If you're using a layer cake, pick 16 squares for your blocks and cut them into 5" squares

-Cut 1.5" squares from patterned fabric (cut 16)

- From your neutral fabric, cut strips measuring 1.5 x 5" (cut 64)

- Cut your white charm pack into 2.5" squares. (cut 72)


From your neutral fabric cut:

-15 strips measuring 1.5" x 10"

- 9 strips measuring 1.5" x 11.25"

- 4 strips 1.5" x  width of fabric



-Draw a diagonal line on all your 2.5" white squares.IMG_0147

- Take a 5" square of patterned fabric and place a 2.5" white square in diagonal corners.  Sew along the line you drew earlier.


- Clip seam allowance.        IMG_20150701_132944225

- Iron seam allowance to dark side.  Repeat the steps up to this point with all 5" squares.


- Sew a 1.5" strip in between two of your petals.

- For the Middle section of your block, get two 1.5 x 5" strips and sew a 1.5" square in the middle


- Nest the seams and place a pin in each intersection as you're creating your blocks.IMG_20150708_132405128

- Join the top and bottom with your unit and press.


- Using the 10" cardboard as a template, cut down each block to 10" square.



Sashing:  You can do sashing the traditional way with long white strips, but I have a hard time making sure all my blocks are in line with each other.  Here's an alternate method:

- For sashing, take 15 of your blocks and sew a 1.5 x 10" strip to one side of each.

- Next, take 9 of those blocks and lay 6 aside.  Take the 9 and add a 1.5 x 11.25" strip adjacent to the one you started with.

- Now you should have 9 blocks with an "L" shape of neutral fabric, 6 blocks with only one strip of neutral fabric on the bottom and one block with no other strips (as pictured below).


- Lay out the L shaped blocks in a 3 x 3 pattern, then lay out the one strip blocks (with 3 on the right, and three on the bottom).  Put your empty block in the bottom right corner.  Doing the sashing by this method will make sure your blocks stay squared up.


- Add a 1.5" neutral border all around, then add a 5" patterned border.  Your quilt top is finished!


- Baste, quilt, and bind as desired.



Quilt measures 49" x 49"


IMG_0025 IMG_0021



Lauren Terry