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Primed and ready to go...

Primed and ready to go...

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I rather liked school.  Not the homework part of it so much as the social side of things - big surprise, right?

So when an invite to a party blog hop involving a primer, grades, pre-cuts and quilts arrived, I jumped right on the bus!  The timing is perfect - school has been starting!


We're having fun with Barb & Mary - Me & My Sister.  (No comment on whether one or both of them ever spent much time in the Principal's office.)


This is their latest book - Pre-cut Primer.  It's been published by Kimberly Jolly and the other nice ladies at It's Sew Emma - the Fat Quarter Shop.  The "teacher in charge" of this field trip is the Jolly Jabber.

In addition to Barb and Mary, Kimberly and her crew, we've got the following quilty-folks in attendance.  (I think it's going to get a bit rowdy... you've been warned.)

September 2nd - Pat Sloan & April Rosenthal

September 3rd - Corey Yoder

September 4th -  Amy Ellis

September 7th - Jane Davidson & Heidi Grohs

September 8th - Sherri McConnell

September 9th - Melissa Corry & Lissa Alexander


What you need to know about the book is simple - it's perfect if you're looking for an assortment of cute quilts - big and small - that use pre-cuts.  The quilts work in almost every Moda collection you might have in your stash or will buy in the future - traditional and modern.  The projects range in difficulty level from "easy peasy" - 1st Grade - to a little more "time-consuming" - 12th Grade.  But even the "high school" quilts are put together with basic units that you're familiar with.  Beginning quilters and experienced quilters will enjoy making the quilts - and making them more than once.  (Which makes this very unlike "real school"... who'd ever want to do that again?)

Now this is when I should probably 'fess up to not having been one of those "model students" who was always getting gold stars for doing things like following directions.  That's why I made a project without asking - or without seeing if someone else was already doing that one.  (If I'd known I was going to be copying April, I would have switched.)

Or maybe I should be back in 2nd Grade to learn "good citizenship".  (Is that still taught in elementary school?)


This is the 2nd Grade quilt.  It's made with Mini Charm packs - which is part of the reason I picked it, I had a couple of those that I really wanted to use to make something.  (It is National Sewing Month after all!)

Barb & Mary's quilt is made with Hi-De-Ho - their cute collection that just shipped to stores a month or so ago.

I used 30s Playtime 2015 by Chloe's Closet and one of the woven-solids from the new Pure & Simple collection of brushed wovens.

That "gold star" thing is now going to make even more sense... I sort of changed the pattern just a tiny bit.

I made twenty-five blocks instead of twenty, and I used a 1/2" finished sashing instead of a 1".  I wanted to make a pillow.  With borders and after a trip through the washer and dryer, it measures about 23" square.


I think I might need to make another one... if for no other reason than to see if I can make it following the directions.

You're thinking about "old dogs", aren't you?

One last thing... this wouldn't be a blog hop without one.  This wouldn't be a Moda blog hop without a couple.


Prizes.  Every blog hop needs them.  They're like recess.

Leave a comment by midnight on Monday, September 7th - Labor Day - telling us who your favorite teacher was in school.  Or class.  Or grade.  Any one of those will do - or all three.  (No extra credit for doing twice the homework.)

If you're lucky, you might find a little Dot. Dot. Dash-! in your mailbox - those little bundles are Layer Cakes.  I think there's a Jelly Roll involved too.

Happy Hopping!

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