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On A Roll Quilt

On A Roll Quilt

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Hello again!  I'm back and can't wait to share my Summer of Solids project with you.  My quilt designs have been influenced by shopping for the perfect dhurrie rug for my living room - can you tell?  My "On a Roll" quilt is so easy to whip up and I hope you enjoy sewing with the sumptuous solids.  Have you tried Moda Crossweaves yet?  This was my first time and I'm in love :D

This quilt finishes at 77" x 66".


on a roll materials

  • 1 Bella Solids Jelly Roll Warm, 2 if you want to be more selective about the colors you use!
  • 4 yards Moda Cross Weave in Sand (background)
  • 1 yard Moda Cross Weave in Storm (stripes)
  • 3/4 yard Moda Cross Weave in Spearmint (binding)
  • 5 yards for backing
  • Batting 85" x 74"


From Sand, cut (20) 5.5" x width of fabric strips.

From Storm, cut (10) 1.5" x width of fabric strips.

From your jelly roll, select the colors you would like to work with.  I omitted the cream and a couple of the darker colors in my quilt, but use what you like best!  Cut (6) 6.5" x 2.5" pieces from each jelly roll strip.  Each jelly roll strip can be cut into a max of 6 pieces, but feel free to mix and match.  You'll need a total of 132 pieces, separated into sets of 3 per color.  Here's a diagram of what we'll be making.

Cream MM Challenge

Now use your design wall to arrange the strips in a pleasing pattern.  When you have decided on the color order for one row, you'll need to cut a piece in half to make the staggered block arrangement.  So cut the first block of the second row down to 3.25" x 2.5".  Repeat the colors from the first row to make a stair-step pattern with the colors, and end with another block trimmed to 3.25" x 2.5".  The third row is laid out the same as the first row.  Once you have the three rows laid out, take a picture and start sewing them together!  Each row should have a total of 11 pieces.  Wasn't that fun?  Now do it 3 more times so you have a total of 4 stair-step units.  Refer to the diagram for color placement.

on a roll test run

Ok let's work on the background units.  To determine how long you'll cut the background strips, measure the length of your stair-step units.  Mine were 67" long (more or less - accuracy isn't that important here!).  I cut my background Sand and the skinny Storm strips to 67" long; yours might need to be longer or shorter depending on how long your stair-step units are.  Cut to match the longest stair-step units because we'll trim it all down to be even later.

on a roll wip

Each background unit is an oreo that consists of Sand-Storm-Sand.  Sew them together and repeat for a total of 5 background units.  Refer to the diagram as needed.

Now you'll arrange the final layout.  Starting with a Background unit, alternate with the Stair-step units, and end with a Background unit.  Sew it all together!  Don't worry about trimming the ends even until after you've quilted, because the top will shift a bit during that process.

Choose your backing, baste it up and quilt as desired!  The texture obtained from the beautiful Bella solids and the Crossweaves is amazing!  It's 100 degrees outside but I just want to cuddle...


on a roll detail Have fun with the quilting! Don't these fabrics give great texture?


on a roll front


on a roll carlton Carlton says, "Finally you made a manly quilt!"

TIP:  Don't want to shell out a bunch of $$ on a fancy design wall? I bought a vinyl felt-backed tablecloth on clearance and tacked it up to my sewing room wall.  $5.  Done!  And I've used the same one for the past 3 years :)


One super soft and cuddly quilt 77"x66"

Emily Thompson