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Mountain Blossoms Quilt

Mountain Blossoms Quilt

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8cb62-title_ingredients 1 Meadowbloom layer cake 3 1/2 yards background (White Blossom) 1/2 yard for binding (Sprout) 96b91-title_instructions CUTTING From background fabric, cut: 42 - 7" squares 7 - 10 1/2" squares cut on diagonal twice 2 - 6" squares cut on diagonal once 7 - 2 1/2" x width of fabric From the layer cake: Cut each square into four 5" squares by cutting in half horizontally and vertically as shown. DSCN1433    DSCN1434 PIECING Choose 14 sets of your 5" layer cake sets Create a nine patch block for each of your sets as shown. DSCN1436 Cut each of your nine patches in half horizontally DSCN1440 And again vertically DSCN1439 To create four disappearing nine patch blocks. DSCN1441 Arrange your blocks on point alternating with background 7" squares.  Use the 10 1/2" squares cut on diagonal twice as setting triangles and 6" squares cut on diagonal once as corners. DSCN1445 Sew into rows as shown.  Then sew rows together.  Adding the two corner pieces to the top left hand corner and lower right hand corner. quilt on point Sew your 2 1/2" x width of fabric strips together and sub cut into: 2 - 73 1/2" strips 2 - 66 1/2" strips Sew the 73 1/2" strips to the sides of your quilt Sew the 68 1/2" strips to the top and bottom of your quilt 4b2da-title_yield One 68 1/2" x 77 1/2" picnic or day in the park quilt DSCN1488 Emily Bailey {}