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Modern... with an "e"

Modern... with an "e"

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Moderne.  It's French.  So you know it's cool.

Are you familiar with Quiltmania magazine?  It's one of my favorites - okay, everybody in the office loves it.  In the Fall of 2011, Quiltmania introduced Simply Vintage devoted to folk art, primitive and vintage-traditional style projects.  Each issue has twenty or more projects of different sizes and types, created by designers and artists whose names are well-known for this style of work.  (If this is your style, it's well worth getting an issue or two for a look-see.)

No 1 Simply Vintage

This was the first issue - it's now quite collectible... which is why I intend to hoard stash save a couple extra issues of Quiltmania's new magazine, Simply Moderne.


The quilt on the cover is Bubbles by Racheldaisy.

If you're thinking "I'm not a modern quilter"... this magazine is still for you as it is a terrific introduction to the style, the mindset and the variety that exists in what is being deemed "modern quilting".  You're not alone if you sometimes wonder what "modern quilting" encompasses, probably because it's so much more than can be defined in a single sentence or description.  It's kind of like "quilt" - it isn't just something you put on a bed.

The Introduction to this premiere issue is "How Modern Quilting Won Me Over" written by Meg Cox - an acclaimed journalist, quilter and quilting expert.  She's been a passionate quilter for more than 25 years and has served on the board of the Quilt Alliance since 2005 - and as President since 2009.

Sew Vintage by Michelle Tucker  Gemstones by Konda Luckau

These are two of the gorgeous projects in the issue - Sew Vintage by Michelle Tucker and Gemstones by Konda Luckau.

QuiltCon 2015 in Austin is the featured exhibit-article, meaning that there is a story about the show, lots of pictures of the atmosphere, and gorgeous pictures of some of the best quilts in the show - that's a Quiltmania magazine trademark.  There is also a great story about some of their favorite "finds" in Austin.  (Making mental note to follow the folks from Quiltmania when they go shopping in Pasadena and Savannah.)

Simply Moderne - Victoria

There's a wonderful profile - called a Portrait - of Victoria Findlay Wolfe that includes a listing of some of her favorite places to go in New York City.  I had the opportunity to take Victoria's "15 Minutes of Play" workshop at QuiltCon this past February - okay, only half a workshop, I also had some booth-duties and work-stuff - and she's terrific.  Funny, knowledgeable and very empowering about why you should be making the quilts you want to make - when it comes to "who is the coolest quilter around?", she'd get my vote.

There are more than a dozen projects in the premiere issue, including large pieced quilts, large applique quilts and a variety of smaller projects.

I'm convinced... I'm going to need at least two issues - one to save, and one to use, drool over and carry around in my bag for inspiration.

(If you're looking for a copy of Simply Moderne, call your local quilt shop.  If they don't have it in stock - or on order - ask if they'll order a copy for you.)

Speaking of QuiltCon - did you know that QuiltCon will now be an annual event?  QuiltCon 2016 - QuiltConWest - will be February 18 - 21 in Pasadena, California at the Pasadena Convention Center.   The Keynote Speaker will be the amazing Gwen Marston.  Yes, Moda and the ModaBakeShop will be attending QuiltCon next February.  (QuiltCon 2017 - QuiltConEast - will be February 23 - 26 in Savannah, Georgia, and the Keynote Speaker will be the equally amazing Angela Walters.)

If there's any chance that you can attend, I highly recommend going.  It's hard to describe the atmosphere, it's charged with energy and enthusiasm about sewing, quilting and making cool stuff with fabric.  If you're thinking it's not really your style, it's also so much more than wonky seams and solid fabrics - the quilts in the show are made by quilters with serious, mad sewing skills.  The same goes for the folks presenting lectures and workshops.

That's all for today... at least all I can remember.

If I remember anything else, I'll save it for tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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