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Lattice and Chains Quilt

Lattice and Chains Quilt

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I am very happy to bring you this quilt project that I made from ''Varsity'' by Sweetwater for Moda.  Such a fun fabric line, great for a boys/mens quilt!  I decided to leave out the mainly green and mainly yellow prints to make it a semi-patriotic quilt, but one that doesn't scream patriotic.  It has plenty of grays and even a bit of black thrown in to make the patriotic theme more subtle.  For the design, I combined a chain block with a lattice block making them almost look intertwined!  I love how it turned out! 8cb62-title_ingredients 20150605_094159 2 Jelly Rolls (''Varsity'' by Sweetwater) You will use 59 strips total. 5 3/4 yards background (Moda Bella ''Porcelain'') 3/4 yard binding 5 1/2 yards backing   96b91-title_instructions Lets start by cutting our solid yardage.  You will be cutting: 6 at 6.5'' x WOF 18 at 2.5" x WOF 26 at 4.5'' x WOF (6 for A blocks, 20 for B blocks) Take 20 of the 4.5'' strips and subcut them into 4.5'' squares.  Then, cut on the diagonal of each to create 320 triangles.  You *could* get these pieces from 18 strips, but I chose not to use the parts with the factory fold, so I got 8 squares per strip (which equalled 16 triangles). Next, separate out 32 Jelly Roll strips - and cut them into 8'' lengths. The solid triangles and 8'' Jelly Roll strip pieces will be for your ''B'' blocks. B-cutting To assemble your ''B'' blocks, start by marking the center of each strip and the center of the diagonal for the solid triangles: markcenterstrip trianglecenters aligncenters pintriangle stitchtriangles pressb trim1 trim2 trim3 arrangeb bblock ~~~~~~~~~~ Now, we can work on the ''A'' blocks.  These will be made from strip sets.  You will use 27 Jelly Roll strips.  Working with the full WOF length, sew strip sets together as pictured below and press seams toward the prints: stripset1 stripset4stripset3 Cutting the strip sets: stackstripsets subcutstripsets 17sections separatestripsetsections   arrangea pressa Quilt top assembly: atob Assemble your quilt into 9 rows of 9 blocks.  The corners will have the ''A'' (chain) blocks and will alternate with the ''B'' (lattice) blocks. Then, you will have your complete quilt top measuring just over 90x90.  A great size quilt for a queen size bed, and my favorite size quilt! flimsydone Now, you can layer, baste, and quilt as desired!  I chose to FMQ in random loops and stars :) featuredpic Here are a couple other pics to show what it might look like in other fabric choices: hellodarlingchain ^^Hello Darling by Bonnie and Camille with aqua background^^ Or, if you wanted to do a 3-color quilt: latticechainsredwhiteblue So many possibilities! 4b2da-title_yield 90" x 90" quilt, perfect for a queen size bed! finishedheader Karin Vail {}