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Jewel Toss Quilt

Jewel Toss Quilt

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Pamper yourself with a scrappy sparkler of a quilt by "tossing" the traditional Jewel Box onto a field of vibrant color!  The playful combinations of pattern and color in Zen Chic's  "For You" are a self-indulgent treat, especially when nestled in your choice of rich Bella Solids color!  A quick throw assembled in rows instead of by blocks! Treat yourself! 8cb62-title_ingredients IMG_0413 1 Charm Pack and 1 Candy Pack: For You by Zen Chic 2 Charm Packs: Bella White 3 yd Bella Chartreuse (yum!) 4 yd backing:  I used 2 yds each of 2 favorite prints from the collection, Poppy Raspberry (1570-12) and Combo Graphite (1571-15) 1/2 yd  binding, Mod Teal (1572-16) 96b91-title_instructions For the central patchwork panel, construct 2 basic units:  Half Square Triangles (HSTs) and 4-patches. From For You charm pack, separate the charms by choosing 26 for the HSTs, and 14 for the 4-patches. The mini charms will all be used in 4-patches as well. Tip:  Since Bella White is the background for these units, choose charms that have the most contrast, leaving the 2 lightest or whitest out. ??????     ?????????????? Construct the HSTS: Mark 26  Bella White charms on the diagonal. Match with the 26 print charms chosen for the HSTs. Sew 1/4 inch from either side of the marked line. Cut on line, press and trim to 4 1/2", for a total of 52 HSTs. mosaic44b5213223a4177248cc35dd18b01615a89fed90 Construct the 4-patches: Begin by making 2-patches: A.  Place a white charm right sides together with the remaining 14 print charms. Sew 1/4" seam along 2 opposite/parallel sides of each pair of charms. Cut apart using the 2 1/4" mark on your ruler.  Line up with first one seam then the other. Cut each half into 2 2 1/2" units. Press to the print side. IMG_0483  IMG_0484  IMG_0485 B.  Next, take 11 white charms and cut them in half, so that you have rectangles that are 2.5" x 5". Take these and your mini charms to your sewing machine. Lay two mini charms, side by side, on each rectangle, feed through the machine, chain-piecing until all mini charms are sewn to a half charm rectangle. IMG_0505 Before you press open, cut apart and trim as needed, again lining your ruler up with the seam line.  Each unit should measure 2 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" from the seam line, before pressing.  Press to the print side. C.  For a completely random layout, construct 4-patches by pairing 2 of these units, and sewing. Or, as I did, layout all the units and play with the color and value placement before you make the 2-patches into 4-patches.  For a total of 48 4-patches.

IMG_0564 refer to this photo for layout

Tip: When playing with layout, I found it helpful to place all the HSTs first, then fill in with the 2-patches. Assemble Patchwork Panel: Layout 10 rows and 10 columns: IMG_0521 Flip column 2 over onto column 1. Chain piece those 2 columns, in order from row 1 through row 10. Do not clip connecting threads and do not press until all rows are sewn. .IMG_0946  IMG_0522 Stack each column, 3-10, in order, with row 1 on top, 10 on bottom. Pin a label to each stack, designating column number and which direction is "up". IMG_0538 Continue adding each column to your connected rows, without snipping connecting threads... IMG_0535  IMG_0541 ...until they look like this, all together! Don't snip those threads... IMG_0542 Now press, alternating direction for each row. Sew each row to the next, nesting seams, until all are sewn, and the patchwork panel is complete! IMG_0564 Assemble Quilt Top: From chartreuse yardage cut the following: IMG_0944 2 strips 12 1/2" x Width Of Fabric. Trim to 40 1/2" length 1  65 1/2" length x WOF from this cut, lengthwise, 1 24 1/2" x 65 1/2"; 1 12 1/2" x 65 1/2" Tip: Sew 12 1/2" x 40 1/2" strips to each side of the patchwork before cutting the 65" piece. Measure carefully, twice or more, add 1 1/2 inches to that and then cut...with such a large cut , I would rather trim away afterwards as be 1 inch short! Assemble quilt top using this diagram: IMG_0945 IMG_0582 Tip: When joining long strips to pieced panels, pinch-press centers to match, and don't be stingy with the pins! Piece backing from single yardage by cutting in half and joining selvedge edge to selvedge edge. IMG_0947 I used 2 different yardages, and since I had extra chartreuse, I added a strip between the pink and the gray, just for fun!

IMG_0949 simple grid quilting, following the diagonals of the patchwork

Baste quilt sandwich and quilt. Trim and bind! IMG_0882 4b2da-title_yield One 64" x 76"  yummy, delicious throw quilt, just For You! IMG_0948 Sarah Zimmerman {}