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Falling Rainbow Pillow Cover

Falling Rainbow Pillow Cover

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Falling Rainbow


For this project you need:

- A Bella Solids Jelly roll (or you can use 2.5" scraps...but you'll need some that are really long)

- A starter triangle  (cut from fabric about 5" square)

- Batting and lining the size of your pillow form

- Backing the size of your pillow form

- A zipper to finish (one a little bigger than the bottom side of your pillow form)


Start by cutting your triangle - you don't need a template or anything, just go for it.


Take your first 2.5" strip and sew it to the left side.  Each time you add a strip, make sure that at least 1.5 inch hangs over the top.


Add two more strips so you have three strips on the left side and press the seams.


Trim the top


And trim the right side of the triangle so it looks like this:


Now repeat the process with strips on the right side.


Sew, press...


Trim.  Then you'll do three strips on the left side (sew, press, trim) three on the right (sew, press trim) etc.  Just keep going until its the right size for your pillow form.



sept 2014 falling rainbow (3)

One modern pillow form - so easy and so striking.  I quilted mine along every third strip and zippered the bottom using this method.

sept 2014 falling rainbow (4) sept 2014 falling rainbow (6)

Thanks for reading!

Lauren Terry