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Stacks of Stars Quilt

Stacks of Stars Quilt

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Hi! I’m Heidi Gwinn, and I blog over at Fifth and Plum. You can also catch me on Instagram; my username is @baileymarie04.  It’s my first time here at the Moda Bake Shop, and I’m so excited to share my Stacks of Stars quilt with you! Grab your favorite layer cake and lets get started!



1 Miss Kate layer cake (you will use 24 squares)*
3 yards solid white background fabric
½ yard binding fabric
2¾ yards backing fabric

*(You will have enough layer cake squares to make more blocks and make your quilt larger; I wanted a lap quilt, so I stopped at 12 blocks.)



From your background fabric, cut the following:

2 strips 4½” x WOF; cut these into (12) 4½” squares.

5 strips 2⅞” x WOF; cut these into (72) 2⅞” squares.

15 strips 2½” x WOF for blocks; cut these into (240) 2½” squares.

18 strips 2½” x WOF for sashing; cut 8 of these into (16) 2½” by 12½” strips.

You will use six of the remaining 2½” strips for your horizontal sashing, and 4 for your vertical sashing.

Now for the fun part!

From your 24 layer cake squares, pair 2 together for each block.

From 1 layer cake square, cut (4) 4½" squares.

From the second layer cake square, cut (6)  2⅞" squares.

You will also need 6 of your 2⅞" white squares and 20 of your 2½" white squares for each block.


Take 6 of your solid white squares, and draw a diagonal line on the wrong side. Place your marked square on top of your printed 2⅞” square that you cut from the layer cake, right sided together, and sew ¼” seam on either side of the diagonal line.


Cut apart on the marked line, open, and press to make 2 pieced squares. Make 12 of these.


Sew together 3 pieced squares and 1 white 2½” square as shown to make the corner sections of your block. Make 4.



Now you will need (16) 2½” white squares. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side. Place the marked square on the 4½” layer cake square, right sides together, and align the raw edges. Sew on the diagonal line, then trim the excess fabric. Open and press, then repeat on all of the remaining corners of the square. Make 4.



Sew the corner units, side squares, and the white 4½” square together to finish your block.


Repeat with your remaining layer cake square pairs to make a total of 12 blocks.


Decide on the layout you would like for your blocks, and then sew a 2½” by 12½” strip to the left side of each block, adding a strip to the right side also of the last block in each row. Press seams open.

Measure the width of your rows, and piece together 5 strips 2½” by the width of your quilt. (Mine was 44” wide at this point.) Sew your strips to the top of each row, adding a strip to the bottom also of the last row. Press seams open.

Now measure the length of your quilt top, and piece together 2 strips 2½” by the length of your quilt. Sew these to the sides of your quilt. Press seams open.


It’s ready to quilt!

Prepare your quilt sandwich and quilt as desired.



One 44"  x 58" lap quilt, perfect for relaxing on the couch!

Heidi Gwinn
{Fifth and Plum}