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Tips and Tricks: Seam Allowances

Tips and Tricks: Seam Allowances

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Oda May


Ever have a project with an awkward seam allowance? Maybe my simple tip can help you save time and get that project done!

This past week I've been working on a version of the {Layer Player Quilt by Barb Johnson}. I love this quilt because you can jump right into sewing without doing any cutting or prep work (besides pairing up contrasting layer cakes). But this quilt calls for a 1½" seam allowance (in addition to the standard ¼") and it was taking me a lot of time to mark those seam allowances.


Then, light bulb moment. I got out my washi tape and a sewing gauge.


I just measured 1½" from the needle and used a piece of washi tape to mark the line across the bed of my machine. You better believe I whipped out those blocks in half the time!


Happy sewing!


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