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June Tailor's Tools for Tees

June Tailor's Tools for Tees

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National Sewing Month 2013

Hi!  I am Jill Repp and I have been developing products for June Tailor, Inc. for 20 years. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the idea for this T-Shirt Transformation Ruler came to me as I was making a t-shirt quilt for a dear friend.  Creating a t-shirt quilt is a perfect example of "Measure Twice, Cut Once" because there is really no room for error on your loved one's favorite tees. The easy part of the project was sorting through the treasured t-shirts and selecting which ones to feature in a quilt.  What proved to be a bit more challenging on my first t-shirt quilting adventure was centering and marking the motif in preparation for cutting and sewing.  The June Tailor T-Shirt Transformation Ruler was born of this experience!

It is designed to center, mark and cut three different size square blocks -- 10" finished, 12" finished and 15" finished -- and many different size rectangular blocks by using different combinations of inner and outer marking guides.

Our June Tailor T-Shirt Project Fusible interfacing is a necessary companion piece to the t-shirt quilt making process.  This 100% cotton woven fusible interfacing comes in a generous 60" x 72" cut.  Our fusible interfacing was created specifically to stabilize t-shirt knits and to prevent distortion and stretching during the marking, cutting and sewing of these blocks.

Now, let me show you how to use these tools to create your blocks.  Select your first t-shirt and rough cut along the side, shoulder and neck seams.

Smooth it out with your hands -- you'll want it to be flat before you apply your fusible.  If your t-shirt has been stored for a long time it may need a pressing before you begin.  Be sure to protect your t-shirt motif with a pressing cloth so you don't melt or ruin the design.

The next step is to cut your T-Shirt Project Fusible Interfacing.  Cut this about an inch or so larger than your intended block size.  Center the textured side of the fusible on the wrong side of the t-shirt. 

Next, adhere the fusible to the t-shirt fabric.  Use the pressing cloth again to protect your t-shirt motif from heat damage and your iron from residue.  Press firmly and be sure that you are pressing all the way out to the edges of the interfacing.

Now you are ready to begin creating your first block.  Place the ruler on the right side of the t-shirt over the motif.  Note the intersecting lines in the center of the ruler.  These will help you locate the center of your motif.  The grid markings on the ruler are one-inch square for additional guidance while aligning.  With the ruler in place, you can easily see the motif and can begin alignment of your square or rectangle block.  The outer edge of the ruler creates 15 1/2" blocks.  If you are making the largest size block, you can just cut around the edge -- no need to mark.  There are also marking guides at 12 1/2" and 10 1/2" to zoom in on smaller motifs or to use on smaller shirts.

You may use any combination of the inner marking guides and outer marking guides to create rectangular shapes for t-shirt motifs that are either tall and narrow or wide and short.

Or align your ruler to make a block on point.

Use your favorite marking pen to mark the cutting lines on the t-shirt.  Once you have created your marking lines, slide the straight edge of your ruler over until it is aligned with your marks and rotary cut.  Repeat this for all four sides of your block.

Your t-shirt block is now ready to be sewn to your sashing strips or to another t-shirt block.  If you do not have a quilt design in mind, try one of these patterns from the June Tailor Website.

Here is a video demo of how to use the ruler...


If you are not quite ready to tackle a large project like a quilt, you can use the blocks to create scarves, totes, pillows or wall-hangings. 

When you have completed this project, store your T-Shirt Transformation Ruler on the June Tailor Rule Your Rulers quilt ruler organizer.   

I will be giving away one each of our T-Shirt Transformation rulers, T-Shirt Project Fusible Interfacing and the Rule Your Rulers to one lucky winner!  To enter, please leave a comment about what your first t-shirt project will be!

You will have until September 30th at midnight to comment.  All winners will be randomly selected and announced on Moda. . .The Cutting Table Blog on October 2nd.    Make sure to visit the blog every day for opportunity to win each giveaway!

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