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New Online Tool by Threadbias

New Online Tool by Threadbias

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While at QuiltCon we were able to interact with new people, new companies, and new ideas. There was a lot of great energy and we had a wonderful time being able to meet each and every person that came through the Moda Bake Shop booth.

There was one new company in particular that really jumped out at me and caught my attention. Threadbias is a sewing community on the web – you can connect with other Theaders, exchange ideas, share projects you're proud of and join or create groups. But the best part of the Threadbias website is their online Quilt Design Tool.


I was quite impressed to see this online tool in action at QuiltCon. It is very intuitive and has hundreds, if not thousands, of fabrics already uploaded and ready to use in your design. And YES, you guessed it... all of the Moda Fabrics collections will be available on the tool for you to design your heart out with all our latest collections.

You can't have a great tool without the fantastic people behind the scenes. The entire Threadbias team is super to work with and is ready to answer any of your questions regarding their new tool.

Pictured is Alex, the guru behind the Threadbias website and online Design Tool.

Read more about it here. We would love to see what you create using their tool and your favorite Moda Fabrics! Share them on our Flickr board... http://www.flickr.com/groups/modafabrics