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Sure Guide Needle Threader

Sure Guide Needle Threader

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The greatly improved Sewline 'Sure Guide' Needle Threader is here!

We are so excited it is here we are going to give one away*. 
In addition to the threader, the winner will receive everyone's favorite Sewline Glue Pen! 
 Read up on this new tool & leave a little comment below telling us your favorite feature of the new threader for a chance to win these awesome tools! 

Sewline has enhanced their threader by redesigning the delicate mechanism which enables it to work for fine needles. They have created a new resistance mechanism that prevents it from breaking due to too much pressure being applied. 

Sure Guide is equipped to thread the finest of needles effortlessly!
(sizes 9-12)

The adorable lipstick looking case slides open to reveal a clever mechanism. 
Simply insert the needle and lay the thread in the groove. Pressing lightly on the lever directs a shaped pin into the thread through the needle eye. If the pin hits resistance it will stop, preventing it from breaking. 

The case will hold needles and the top has a magnet so you can easily pick up those small needles. You can also clip your threads on the top! So many functions in one little tool. 

Sure Guide threaders & other Sewline products can be found at your local quilt shop or 
ordered wholesale from United Notions. 

*One winner will be chosen on Monday morning. Make sure & check back to see if you won! 

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