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I have a few more wonderful Quiltmania books to share with you.
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Discover the history of Welsh quilting, stunning quilting designs and more than 100 exceptional photos. Moreover, thanks to our instructions, you will have the opportunity to make one (may be all four) of the featured quilts. 160 pages

From Brittany to Provence and far away places, Anne-Marie Bertrand knows how to capture the tiniest detail and the beauty of landscapes. Applliqué, embroidery, and sometimes painting blend intimately in her textile pictures. No words are needed to feel the poetic charm coming from their textiles surfaces...

127 pages.  Flip through a few pages of this wonderful book here.

Her very easy to make quilts, accessories, little birds, cushions, bags and other little gems are like rays of sunshine that you are going to enjoy sowing all over your home! Features a total of seventeen irresistible projects!  Sue Spargo has a great eye for color & this book illustrates that.
208 Pages

This is the very first book we have worked on directly with Yoko. In it, she gathers the best of her work from former times up to nowadays. With subtle appliqué designs, sophisticated pieced works, creatively shaped bags, and carefully selected materials, Yoko has chosen twenty of her favourite projects just for you. Contains detailed instructions, assembly tips and hints for perfect finishing so that you can make these gems too!

Peruse this wonderful book.

With the splendour of chintz and other beautiful fabrics and the majesty of vintage Dutch quilts which Petra passionately reproduces and interprets, each project in this book is a little gem that is going to sweep traditional quilt lovers off their feet. Petra also opens the door to her home for us and tells us about her all consuming passion! Of course, she has selected twenty of her favourite projects for us. This book is just as beautiful as this beautiful lady!
216 pages
Take a look at some of the beautiful quilts in this book here
I only wish I had time to make them all.  Oh well, in another life time maybe.