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Tender Touch 20x36 White

Tender Touch 20x36 White
664 01 Sulky
664 01
Made in USA

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Product Information

    When embroidering, use Tender Touch as the first step in stabilizing delicate fabrics like batiste, satin, lame, silk, open-weave wovens and lightweight cottons to help prevent shredding or distortion due to heavy needle penetration. It is likely you will need additional stabilizers as well because of the stretch nature of Tender Touch. If desired, you can give Sulky Tender Touch a shot of steam before ironing it down to pre-shrink it. On lightweight or light-colored fabrics that you want to use as appliqué pieces on darker fabrics, iron Sulky Tender Touch stabilizer on the back before cutting and appliquéing to both block out the color underneath and stabilize the fabric so it doesn?t fray, etc. Some fabrics are so stretchy they can force themselves down the throat plate. A Sulky Cut-Away Stabilizer not only helps retain the design's shape after repeated washings