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Awesome Town Coloring Poster BK

Awesome Town Coloring Poster BK
20370 C & T Publishing
Nbn C & T Publishing
Made in China

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    Awesome Town Coloring Poster Book. Melissa Averinos. Take the art of coloring to the next level with this book of pullout coloring posters featuring 16 graphic designs from top designer Melissa Averinos. These 8 jumbo graphic posters are printed on high-quality, heavyweight paper, with a full-page illustration on one side and a border design on the other. Use them as a cocktail party activity, as posters for your home, or as banners for birthdays, graduations, or celebrations of any kind! Even a few minutes a day spent coloring this magical town of weird cats, nighttime rainbows, frolicking fish, and other friendly critters can help you relieve stress and infuse much-needed creativity into your busy life. Plus, explore a new kind of coloring with select grayscale designs that add depth and contrast to your work with no extra effort from you! 8 double-sided 19" x 30" sheets Black & White, 10"x10" * Printed on heavyweight, high-quality uncoated paper with perforated edges for easy removal--great for both left-and right-handed coloring * With both black-and-white and grayscale designs, these posters are packed with painterly, pop-art texture to color! * Perfectly suited to coloring with colored pencils, fine-tip markers, and even watercolors