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Kristyne Czepuryk

Kristyne Czepuryk

I’m a walking cliche. It’s true.

Married my high school sweetheart
Worked until we started a family
Was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years and then went back to the daily grind 4 years ago
My two daughters – who are growing up way too fast – inspire me
Designing fabric was a fantasy that became a dream that is now a reality
Favourite colour? Pink, of course!

If you’re interested in a little more background, I did many regular things growing up like piano lessons, Girl Guides (I’m Canadian), assorted sports – which I wasn’t particularly good at – and learned to sew from my practical mom and very talented aunt.

I was always crafty by nature. Making things is in my DNA. But I always preferred making things with fabric. I made my first quilt when I was 19 – an English-paper-pieced grandmother’s flower garden (with cardboard templates that I made myself) and I haven’t stopped quilting since. I’m sure I’ve made over 200 quilts by now.

After earning an English degree, I realized that although it was a respectable achievement, on its own wasn’t very … useful. So I went back to school and got a Public Relations diploma and became employable.

PR people, however, requires communicating with the public – as in tv interviews – as in “Live at 5, film at 11”. I figured out pretty fast that I’m SO not cut out for that sort of thing. I’m a total doofus on tv. So I looked for something more behind the scenes.

That’s how I ended up writing computer manuals, policy and procedure manuals, training manuals, annual reports, etc. That might sound like all kinds of boring, but I actually enjoy technical writing.

Got married. Worked a bit more. Became a mom. Twice. So happy. So wonderful. (So tired.)

When my second daughter came along I decided to make myself a pretty diaper bag to replace the ratty old diaper backpack I’d inherited. Somehow, I accidentally ended up selling quilted and handbags of all sizes, wallets, pillows, Christmas stockings, lavender sachets (all original designs of mine) at a local consignment shop.

After about a year I started teaching bag-making classes at a local quilt shop. That turned into a bigger job as I took on sample making, pattern writing, project design, and even ran the embroidery club too. I made 100+ display quilts and other things.

That all led to my blog and pattern company, Pretty by Hand, which led to an embroidery book, “S is for Stitch”, and a few other publication contributions.

When my girls were old enough, I went back to work. Wow did that ever cut into my fun time. But it unexpectedly opened a new door. My boss was outsourcing graphic design work and I knew that if I had the technical skills I could do it myself. That led to 2 years of night classes and a graphic design certificate.

Little did I know that my long-time fantasy of becoming a fabric designer was just around the corner. I spent another year researching textile design and honing my fledgling graphic skills.

And now … here I am! Can’t wait to see what happens next.