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American Jane

American Jane

Sandy Klop had her first exposure to the world of colorful patterns while watching Klompen dancers perform. Every year in May her hometown of Holland, Michigan, celebrated tulip time with a vast array of Dutch costumes.

She was first exposed to quilting in 1979 at her sister-in-laws when she returned from teaching in Iran. She went on to teach art in Saudi Arabia for the next four years. She loved the rich colors and patterns in the tiles and carpets of the Middle East. Back in California, Sandy began to make pattern samples for a local quilt store. From there she moved to machine quilting. She has worked at a local quilt shop and taught many quilt classes.

In 2000 she published a series of quilt books with Jan Patek under the series title Folk Art Favorites before venturing out on her own as American Jane Patterns. In 2003 at Quilt Market Moda approached her to see if she would like to capture her look in fabric. She has been designing for Moda ever since.

“Now I have a new fabric range from Moda every six months and I design quilt patterns to feature my new fabrics. I’m truly living my dream.”

Her creative designs have appeared in several catalogs and many magazines. She speaks regularly on the topic, "The American Jane Story in Fabric".

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style American Jane Pindot 2009/cc_american-jane-pindot.pdf 2009/jpg_american-jane-pindot.zip 2009.09
Style A Breath of Avignon 2010/fcc_A_Breath_of_Avignon.pdf 2010/jpg_a-breath-of-avignon.zip 2010.02
Style Punctuation 2010/fcc_punctuation.pdf 2010/jpg_punctuation.zip 2010.08
Style Le Petit Poulet 2011/fcc_Le_Petit_Poulet.pdf 2011/jpg_le-petit-poulet.zip 2011.03
Style Fairy Tale Friends 2011/fcc_fairy_tale_friends.pdf 2011/jpg_fairy-tale-friends.zip 2011.10
Classic Pezzy Print 2012/fcc_pezzy_print.pdf 2012/jpg_pezzy-print.zip 2012.01
Style School Days 2012/fcc_school_days.pdf 2012/jpg_school-days.zip 2012.04
Style ABC 123 2012/fcc_abc_123_american_jane.pdf 2012/jpg_abc-123.zip 2012.08
Style Savonnerie 2013/fcc_savonnerie.pdf 2013/jpg_savonnerie.zip 2013.04
Classic Pot Luck 2013/fcc_potluck.pdf 2013/jpg_pot-luck.zip 2013.10
Style Ducks in a Row 2014/fcc_ducks-in-a-row.pdf 2014/jpg_ducks-in-a-row.zip 2014.04
Style A La Carte 2014/fcc_a-la-carte.pdf 2014/jpg_a-la-carte.zip 2014.09
Style Fresh Air 2015/fcc_fresh-air.pdf 2015/jpg_fresh-air.zip 2015.01
Style Lorraine 2015/fcc_lorraine.pdf 2015/jpg_lorraine.zip 2015.09
Style Bread n Butter 2016/fcc_bread-n-butter.pdf 2016/jpg_bread-n-butter.zip 2016.03
Style Hop, Skip and A Jump 2016/fcc_hop-skip-jump.pdf 2016/jpg_hop-skip-jump.zip 2016.10
Metro Spring-A-Ling 2017/fcc_spring-a-ling.pdf 2017/jpg_spring-a-ling.zip 2017.04
Style Merry Go Round 2017/fcc_merry-go-round.pdf 2017/jpg_merry-go-round.zip 2017.09
Style Provencal 2018/fcc_Provencal.pdf 2018/jpg_provencal.zip 2018.02
Style Play All Day 2018/fcc_play-all-day.pdf 2018/jpg_play-all-day.zip 2018.08
Classic Sweet Harmony 2019/fcc_sweet-harmony.pdf 2019/jpg_sweet-harmony.zip 2019.02
Metro Bubble Pop 2019/fcc_bubble-pop.pdf 2019/jpg_bubble-pop.zip 2019.08
Style Good Times 2020/fcc_good-times.pdf 2020/jpg_good-times.zip 2020.02
Style Its Elementary 2020/fcc_its-elementary.pdf 2020/jpg_its-elementary.zip 2020.09
Style Story Time fcc_story-time.pdf jpg_story-time.zip 2021.06
Classic Picture Perfect fcc_picture_perfect.pdf jpg_picture-perfect.zip 2022.07
Classic Sweet Melodies fcc_sweet-melodies.pdf jpg_sweet-melodies.zip 2023.08