Blockheads ~ Block 33

Blockheads ~ Block 33

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Hello Hello!  Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Vicky told me that if I showed any more food pictures... my safety might be at risk.  So a block with fabrics in a lovely, rich chocolate-brown will have to do.  It's not quite dark chocolate... maybe milk chocolate with coffee nibs.

(Vicky... you didn't say I couldn't write about food and chocolate.)

This is Tammy's block - it's made with fabrics from an upcoming collection by Lisa Bongean.  (Yes, this is a sneak peek... something Gatherings is the name of it.)  The background is from Gingiber's Catnip collection.

My block is a bit more like a Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake...

The prints are from Union Blues by Barbara BrackmanCollection For a Cause Millbook 1889 by Howard Marcus and Rachel Remembered by Betsy Chutchian.  The background... you probably already know that it is from Snowberry by 3 Sisters.

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Question of the Week ~ It's Fall, Halloween is less than two weeks away and Christmas is in two months... do you make seasonal quilts? When do you start making them?

I do!  I've made a few and I have a few others planned, started, living in my head.  While I have made a few quilts using holiday-themed fabric, my favorites are those that use the seasonally-themed color palette like red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Fall and Halloween, etc.

This is Tilt - it's a 60-degree nine-patch that I just hung on the wall a week or so ago.  (Please forgive the lighting... I should get a better picture of it.)

I do like making quilts that have what can best be described as a seasonal color palette.  Most were red and green Christmas quilts but a few mere made with Christmas fabrics... especially backings!  There was a stretch of time when I knew when to start looking for the seasonal novelty prints from "another fabric company".  Snowmen, Santa Claus and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas were a few of my favorites, they made the best pajamas and quilt backings.  Then... Folk Art Wedding Christmas by Robyn Pandolph came along.  I made quilts with all three - four? - of the collections.  They're still some of my favorite quilts... even though I gave a couple of them away.

I pulled these fabrics last year - 2016 - for a quilt and never got around to making it so using these fabrics for a different quilt is on my list for 2018.

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