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Bella Challenge ~ Finalists & Winners

Bella Challenge ~ Finalists & Winners

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When Mr. Dunn got this idea for a contest, a Bella Challenge, we weren't quite sure what to expect.  Entries started trickling in... whew, there are entries.  Then more started arriving and it didn't take long before the feeling was "this is going to be good..."

Nineteen entries were selected as Finalists, with the quilters being asked to ship their quilts to Dallas for the final selection process.  They were hung by Tammy Vonderschmitt in the lobby of one of the buildings - a room with windows and streaming sunshine.  (The quilts looked beautiful but it made photography a little tricky on a few of the quilts... I hope you'll forgive me.)

Because all nineteen quilts were made using the same twelve Bella Solids, there was a wonderful cohesiveness to the display that was very striking. Viewing was last week, Thursday and Friday, October 12 and 13.  While everyone in the company viewed the quilts and voted on their favorites, any "deciding votes" were made by Mr. Dunn.  The winners were notified on Friday - and the top three quilts will hang in the Moda Booth at Fall International Quilt Market.

The quilts were numbered so that names, locations and additional details were not known to anyone, including Mr. Dunn.  We want to share all nineteen quilts so the three winners are first, then the remaining sixteen quilts are in number order - the numbers were assigned randomly.

The First Place Winner is Mountain Balloon Festival by Katherine Jones of Tasmania, Australia.

Second Place is Moda Bella by Janet Jones of Alamosa, Colorado.

Third Place is Molecules of Moda: Bella Solids by Sharla Krenzel of Leoti, Kansas.

This is Dutchman's Dilemma by Jen Van Orman of Lehi, Utah.

Transition by Margit Krato of Birmingham, Alabama.

Arks & Anglers by Patti Baymiller of Shelbina, Missouri.

Hex-A-Maze by Linda Davis of Grapevine, Texas.

Pips On Point by Lisa Anne Giesfeldt of Sussex, Wisconsin.

Stepping Stones by Ellen Ault of Tampa, Florida.

Pick Up Sticks by Arlen Brown of Hastings, Nebraska.

Variation on a Weave by Mary Kay Fosnacht of Overland Park, Kansas.

Bella Sails by Barbara Harrell of Waddell, Arizona.

Liberty Rising by Tami Beltran of Lewisville, Texas.

Totality by Vi Colombe of Mission, South Dakota.

Star Fire by Bridget Vian of Windson, Wisconsin.

Star MO-DAtion by Wendy Gontier of Lang Lang, Victoria, Australia.

Rainbow Chopper by Krystal Jakelwicz of Universal City, Texas.

Bella Refraction by Jakki Wagner of Prescott, Arizona.

And Along Came a Spider by Joanne M. Franklin of Douglassville, Pennsylvannia.

On behalf of the entire company, Mr. Dunn would like to express his gratitude and appreciation to everyone who participated in the Bella Challenge.  To every entrant, the finalists, and everyone who bought fabric and didn't quite finish their quilt by the deadline - thank you.  Your creativity, your talent and your skills left us in awe.

And more than a little bit inspired.

Thank you!

Happy Thursday!

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