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With a songbird in my heart...

With a songbird in my heart...

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We're getting a pretty little stack of Frivol quilts!


When it comes to creating primitive designs and fabrics, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings does it the best.  If you look up synonyms for "heart", you'll find words like character, feeling, soul and passion, all words that I think describe Lisa perfectly.


So when it came to naming the quilt for the Frivol made with her fabric, it was an easy choice.  This is Heart - Frivol No. 7.


The prints in Songbird Gatherings are small-scale shirting-like prints that are ideal for the "lots of pieces" quilts Lisa loves so much - that look was the inspiration for this little quilt - it measures 27.75" x 27.75" finished.


Frivol No. 7 ~ Songbird Gatherings will contain:

  • A roll of 42 squares - 7" x 7" from the Songbird Gatherings collection by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings ~ there are duplicates of several prints.  And you'll use them all - no leftovers here.
  • The pattern for the quilt we've titled "Heart"
  • One sheet of triangle paper to make the 1 1/4" finished half-triangle squares.
    • Note: The paper can be photo-copied to get the required number of sheets.
    • Update: The pattern states that the page can be downloaded but the URL is incorrect.  The PDF with the triangle paper is available HERE.
  • A Moda-labeled scissor-keep - a Frivols exclusive
    • Note: There is only one scissor keep in the tin - we wanted to show both sides.
  • 1 Maker block card with a block pattern and a quotation provided by Lisa

Maker Blocks. 


#modafrivols  There are more pictures - including finished quilts and Maker blocks.


That's it for this week - at least I think it is.

Are you sewing this weekend?  I have some sewing to catch up on and a few things to finish so that's what I'll be doing.  And watching the Super Bowl, of course.

Happy Friday!

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