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Second best...

Second best...

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But it's a really, really close second.

I think I've told you that my brother Mark reads this blog.  He likes to check my spelling and grammar - and he is my unofficial fact-checker.  Meaning that he's welcome to tell me that I'm wrong in my recollection of some childhood event but I'm not going to change it - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Mark made me a quilt frame for Christmas - it really is a frame, like you'd hang on the wall, except it has a rod at the top for hanging a quilt.


Please forgive the pictures - it's big, the lighting was bad, it wasn't hanging and it's shiny!  I think that's my reflection in the bottom of it.

The sides measure 1 1/2" wide and the half-square triangles in the corners measure 3" on their short sides.  The finished frame measures 36 1/2" x 52 1/2" -  the proportions are based on the Golden Rectangle.

(The Golden Rectangle is well-known ratio-proportion in architecture, art and math-geometry because of it's structure and balance.)  (Yes, I had to look it up.)

He's very proud of incorporating the Churn Dash element into the frame - he knows it's one of my favorite quilt blocks.  Of course, as his older-wiser - brattier - sister, I had to tell him that with the proportion of the sides on the frame he'd built, it's actually more of a Monkey Wrench.


It's made out of stainless steel and it can be hung on the wall - there are hooks on the back at the top.  The rod has a bolt-nut-thing on each end, one of which unscrews easily so a quilt with a sleeve can be hung on the rod.  It's been ground-polished twice and given a few more days, Mark would have given it at least one more pass.  No matter how many times I told him that I loved it exactly as it was, he's a perfectionist.  (I have no idea where he gets that.)

Mark got the idea for the frame last September after reading a Cutting Table blog post.  It was to be his contribution to my Christmas present - what he likes to call the "second best gift I've ever gotten".


I've often called Rosie my "best gift ever", she was a birthday-Christmas present from my Dad.

So when Mark read about Luke Haynes and saw pictures of some of Luke's quilts, he got an idea.  He contacted Luke and actually met with him in Houston during Quilt Market to discuss the possibility of a commission.  (Rather sneaky, don't you think?)

Golden Retriever - Golden Rectangle.  Mark likes that kind of synchronicity.


It's perfect.  I love the quilt - and I especially love the frame.

It might be my "second best gift ever" but it comes from the Best. Brother. Ever.

If you doubt me... when I went to Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh in 2014 and didn't want to put Rosie in a kennel, Mark flew from Houston to Phoenix and stayed the week.  With my dog.

Best. Brother. Ever.

Hands down.

(Thank you, Mark!  If you see a comment from "aka Golden Child", that's him.)

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