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Do you have your Pin Money?

Do you have your Pin Money?

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Have you ever heard of that phrase?  
Here is a pin money bank and "old" lady pin cushion from my antique collection.
 When I owned a quilt store we gave pin money away with certain amounts purchases.
Or bringing in show and tell or sharing a new quilting tip.
My customers loved their pin money, 
it was just like real money, 
but they could only buy fabric and quilting necessities from my store.

In the 1700's English husbands gave their wives money on 
New Year's Day to buy pins and other small items.  
Although we no longer get pin money on New Year's day 
the term still means 
small amount of spending money for minor personal expenditure.  
For example: 
 quilting pins, rotary cutters, fabric, and computerized sewing machines.
You get the picture.

Will your head of household give you 
Pin money on this January 1st? 
I know I plan on giving myself what ever I need all year long.

May your pins be plenty, straight and sharp.

Happy New Year....
Hoping 2014 brings you joy.
Tammy V

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