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TrueCut Keeps You Cutting Straight!

TrueCut Keeps You Cutting Straight!

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Hi Moda Fabric Lovers, I am Karla Gerome, and I have been quilting for over 30 years. When you are working on high-quality Moda Fabric, you want to use every inch and leave no room for error. I have seen a lot of cutting tools come and go, and I have used my fair share of them. I have always been looking for the right cutting tools and once I used the TrueCut cutting system, I didn’t have to keep looking. I have found the perfect cutting system and TrueCut provides the best cutting tools from start to end.

Rotary Cutters

There are so many rotary cutters out there and I know each quilter has at least a handful or more. We all like to cut and we are always searching to find the one that feels and cuts the best. How many of you are looking for that one ergonomic rotary cutter that will allow you to cut with ease, and cut with comfort? I know as I have talked with many quilters that there are two issues they run into, one is comfort and the other is fatigue. Who wants to cut more layers, cut longer, cut with accuracy and not get fatigue in the process? Who wants to stop having white knuckles from squeezing their rotary cutters? I know I do!

I use the ergonomic My Comfort Cutter by TrueCut. Looks different right? No, it looks comfortable! The curved shaped handle fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and the palm of your hand drives the power straight down to the blade. The My Comfort Cutter has a guide that interlocks with all TrueCut rulers, keeping the blade against the ruler’s edge for straight cuts. I have talked to so many quilters who have arthritis, carpel tunnel, and/or ligaments removed from their hand, who now use this rotary cutter and they love it. See the track and guide system below.

Rulers, rulers, rulers!

We all love our rulers. There are many different rulers for different projects. What I love about the TrueCut rulers, and this is the best feature that I have come across, is the track that runs the entire length of the ruler. I was always tired of veering away from the ruler's edge as a I reached the top of the ruler. With the track and guide system, I cut straight every time.

Another great benefit is that these rulers are injection molded with clear ABS plastic, providing you with a stronger, more resilient ruler that better withstands bending, warping and cracking. Having a strong ruler is nice, especially when the ruler falls off the cutting table a million times.

Track and Guide System
How many of you veer away from the ruler's edge? Or from trying to keep the cutter against the ruler, you go up and over the ruler and nick the top of your fingers. We have all been looking for a system that keeps us straight and safe. No more veering away or going up and over the ruler. Once I interlocked the cutter guide on the My Comfort Cutter to the ruler track, I was cutting straight every time. I have seen rotary cutting become more and more popular with the younger generation, and this cutting system has been by far the best to use. I love how easy and accurate the TrueCut cutting system is. Who doesn’t love cutting accurate every time?


These are my favorite. We all have rulers that we want to keep from sliding. I have noticed the stress that I put on my arm when holding a ruler in place without TrueGrips. I did my arm a favor by putting TrueGrips on the back of my rulers. Now holding my ruler is easy and stress free. These are adhesive transparent rings that grip on the back of any brand or size of ruler. I love that they don’t raise my ruler or damage the fabric, and I can still see the ruler or mat markings.

Here is a demo on TrueCut, the best cutting system:

We will be giving away one of our rulers, TrueGrips, and a cutter to one lucky winner. To enter, please leave a comment telling us what part of the TreuCut system intrigues you the most.

You will have until September 30th at midnight to comment. All winners will be randomly selected and announced on Moda... The Cutting Table Blog on October 2nd.
Make sure to visit the blog every day for the opportunity to win each giveaway!
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