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PeelnStick with our Therm O Web Ruler Tape

PeelnStick with our Therm O Web Ruler Tape

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National Sewing Month 2013 Hi everyone! All of us at Therm O Web would like to thank Moda for the chance to participate in their month long promotion!

 Therm O Web is well known for our HeatnBond® products. Today three of our Therm O Web designers are sharing ways to use our PeelnStick Ruler Tape. Take Me to the Sea 1   
 I made this pillow as a housewarming gift for my sea loving, nautical decorating sister.  She prefers a modern decor so I didn't want to get too patchwork-y on her.  Instead, I had a little fun with applique and some free motion stitching. I'm here today to share a quick how to with you. Supplies: 2 squares of linen measuring 16" 1 16" square HeatnBond Fusible Fleecescraps of PB&J by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics scraps of HeatnBond LitePeelnStick Ruler Tapethread invisible zipper from ZipitTake me to the Sea 2   
 First, apply the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the pillow front. Download the pattern for the word "SEA" right here.  Apply the HeatnBond® Lite to the back of three scraps and trace the pattern (in reverse) on the paper backing.  Cut your letters.  Adhere a strip of PeelnStick ruler tape to the pillow cover to serve as a straight edge and also to help you find the middle of the pillow.  Place your "E" at the center.  Iron the letter appliques in place.
  Take me to the Sea 3   

 Reuse the original strip of PeelnStick ruler tape and just move it up above the word "SEA."  Place a second row of the tape about 3 inches away.

  Take me to the Sea 4
 Use the tape lines once again to locate your center and as a straightline guide.  Free motion quilt the words "take me to the" in a contrasting thread.  Here I used navy and stitched each line twice.  I didn't premark my fabric but you could write with a chalk pencil first and follow your lines with your quilting. IMGP7328b
 Stitch around the edge of the letters in the word "SEA" as well. IMGP7329b

 Change the thread in your machine to blend with your background fabric.  Free motion quilt some waves above and below the quote for texture. Now it is time to finish up your pillow! Visit me, Amy Friend at my blog (www.duringquiettime.com) for more fun projects!

Hi this is Jenifer here with you today to share a quick and easy zipper pouch using BobbinsNBits from Moda and the PeelnStick ruler tape from ThermOWeb.  These are so easy to make you will be making them for gifts for everyone you know.

Easy Zipper Pouch by Jenifer Cowles

Put a few of the 12" segments of the PeelnStick Ruler Tape on your cutting surface, this will make cutting quick and easy.
Cut out 4 9x7 pieces 2 for the outside of the bag and 2 for the inside of the bag.  Baste the top of the outside fabric to the top of the lining fabric, press 1/4" from the top.  Sew on your zipper to both sides of your basted edges.
Unzip half way.  Sew the remaining 3 sides together and turn right side out through the zipper you left unzipped.  Your pouch is finished.

To make a cute little zipper tassel take some 1/8" ribbon and cut 6-6" lengths.  Fold in half and wrap with a small piece of ribbon, tack it down with a few stitches and attache it to the zipper.

Here is your finished zipper pouch to fill with all kinds of goodies or to help keep your purse organized. Thanks so much for taking a look at my project today.

Hi everyone! I’m Molly Hanson, I am a quilter who specializes in free motion quilting and I blog over at SewWrongSewRight.blogspot.com. I am also a designer for ThermOWeb and I was recently asked to come up with a project that shows how I like to use my PeelnStick Removable Ruler Tape. I chose some of my favorite Kate Spain prints from her Terrain line. I am a big fan of this ruler tape and I have come up with a fun project that I hope you all will enjoy!

Fabric Requirements: 2 pieces of 14.5”x 10.5” quilting cotton or decorator cotton for the exterior 2 pieces of 14.5” x 10.5” quilting cotton or decorator cotton for the lining 1 piece of 4”x 8” fabric (exterior fabric) for the handle 1 piece of 2.5”x4” fabric (exterior fabric) for the pull tab 1 package of Heat N Bond Fusible Interfacing Heavy Weight 20”x1 yard 1 package Peel N Stick Removable Ruler Tape 1 14” all purpose polyester zipper in a coordinating color
Step One: after you have cut all your fabric pieces cut interfacing pieces the same size for all 4 big pieces (14.5 x 10) you should have enough to cut all 4 from one package of interfacing. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric pieces. DSCN0919 
Step Two: Get out that Ruler tape and cut yourself a 2” section. Now use a clear acrylic ruler and put your sewing machine needle in the down position. Butt up the edge of the ruler to the needle and make sure it is perfectly straight- then put down that 2” section of tape a few inches in front of your needle- you can see in the pictures where I put mine. You want to make sure the edge of the tape closest to the ruler actually goes under the edge of the ruler just a hair. Now you have an extra place to line up your fabric edge to make sure you are getting a perfect seam- but more on that in the next step! DSCN0920 DSCN0921 DSCN0927 DSCN0928 DSCN0929 
Step Three: Okay now we are going to make the handle for our bag. Take your 8x4 piece and finger press it in half lengthwise. Now open it up and fold both long edges toward the middle lining up at the center folded line you just created. Now fold the whole thing in half encasing both raw edges in the center- just like double fold binding. Press the whole thing and then using your ruler tape line up the edge of the fabric with the ¼” mark on the ruler tape- and carefully sew keeping the edge lined up down the length of the handle. Next line up with the ½” mark and do another seam line, and then again with the ¾ “mark. That ruler tape is pretty
handy stuff eh?
Step 4 now we will make the tab- fold in half the same way as before and finger press, again fold edges to the center and fold in half again- and then press. Next topstitch around the edges 1/8” away from the edge- you can use that ruler tape marker you made for that too! DSCN0935 DSCN0935 
Step 5 Okay- deep breath- zipper time. You can so do this! Open up your zipper and press it so it is flat. Now take one piece of the exterior fabric and one piece of the lining and lay the top piece right side down on the zipper (pull side up) and put the lining right side up beneath the zipper. Line up all three edges on the 14” side. If you have never installed a zipper before then I suggest you take a moment to hand baste it in place or pin carefully so it doesn’t shift while you sew it. DSCN0939 
Step 5 Install your zipper foot and line up the foot as close to the teeth of the zipper as you can (you won’t be able to see the teeth so you will have to feel for them) – *NOTE* start and stop ¼” away from the edge of the fabric- this is very important! Start sewing stopping before you get to the pull and leaving the needle in the down position, raise the presser foot and gently pull the zipper pull down the zipper moving it out of the way so you can continue sewing. Go slow and try to keep things as straight as possible. Step 6 Iron back both seams fully exposing the zipper teeth- press thoroughly- and head back over to the sewing machine. Reinstall your regular or 1/4” patchwork foot and topstitch ¼” away from the edge of the seam. DSCN0940 
Step 8 Repeat steps 6&7 with the other side of the zipper and the other pieces of fabric Step 9 Still with me? Good work! You‘ve survived the zipper, the rest will be a piece of cake! Okay now let’s take both lining pieces right sides facing each other and sew the edges opposite the zipper together with a 1/4” seam allowance- leaving a 4” gap in the center for turning. Do the same with the exterior pieces except this time sew the whole thing, no gap required. Step 10 Right, so now we have these two tubes with a zipper holding them together in the middle- so next you need to line up that bottom seam you just sewed with the zipper (make sure they are exactly lined up) and pin in place- Pull the zipper down toward the exterior piece and pin all along the both edges once the bottom seam is lined up with zipper. On the side of the exterior fabric part where the zipper pull is if it is fully opened you want remember to fold your pull tab in half and slip it in the very center right where the zipper and bottom seam are with the fold pointed in. Leave a ¼” poking out so you can make sure it is lined up and you catch it in your seam- it is not a bad idea to backstitch over this area to give it added strength- and go slow when sewing this part, there are a lot of layers for your needle to go through, use your hand wheel if necessary. Sew both sides closed and do the same thing with the lining. DSCN0944 DSCN0945 
Step 11- Okay, we are getting close now- all we have to do is box those corners! I like to box my corners by making a 2” square mark on each corner- from seam to edge- and then I cut it by hand so as not to cut too far with a rotary cutter. Once all 8 corners have their 2” square cut out I open those square and line up the 2 sides and sew with a ¼” seam allowance. Remember to put the handle through the two exterior corner holes on the side where the zipper pull is if it is fully closed- leave it poking out a little bit so you make sure to line it up in the center and catch it in your seam- see picture. DSCN0947 DSCN0948 DSCN0949 

Step 12- Turn the bag right side out through the opening in the lining and hand sew the lining opening closed- voila- you have a finished bag!

Today we're not only giving away our PeelnStick Ruler but also a large (retail value of $109) assortment of our HeatnBond® products!

To enter please leave a comment about what your favorite project you've recently completed. You will have until September 30th at midnight to post a comment. All winners will be randomly selected and announced o the Moda...The Cutting Table Blog on October 2nd.

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