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Gracie Goes Glamping....and a Giveaway!!

Gracie Goes Glamping....and a Giveaway!!

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Hi!  I'm Nancy from Pink Sand Beach Designs.  

Summer is quickly approaching, it's time to start looking for those outdoor vacation ideas!

I LOVE Mary Jane's idea of "Glamping" or Glamorous Camping.  I have 3 daughters so roughing it is not our idea of camping.  We are totally on board for Glamping!

This is Gracie, my oldest daughter's new puppy.
She is ready to go Glamping with our Little Glam Bag, Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote using Moda's Glamping Fabrics!  

At the end she is giving away a few items so make sure to check that out!

Let's Go Glamping!!!

Gracie loves Glamping with Little Glam Bag, Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote.  Each has room for all of her Glamping essentials!

Your local store can order the patterns from United Notions.  From left to right...
Little Glam Bag, Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote

Plus, make sure to pick up all your Glamping Fabric from United Notions or your local quilt shop!

Gracie loves her Little Glam Bags made in the Glamping Honey Bee Fabric.  
It is the perfect place for her to put her sunglasses, nail polish, hair spray, bows and lip gloss.  Of course she can't go anywhere without her doggie treats!!

Little Glam Bag is the perfect size for all of those small items and cosmetics.  
It's easy access for when you are on the go or traveling.  Plus you can easily add a colorful zipper to add a touch of style!

When she is on the go she loves wearing her Barbados Bag.  
Barbados is great because there are so many secret pockets.  She has room for her cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, iPad (because who doesn't need their iPad when camping!) and of course her secret stash of treats.  
With zipper pockets she is always sure that everything is in the right spot!

Barbados Bag has long straps and swivel hooks so it's great when walking around the campsite.  It's easy to make and really makes a statement!

Plus you can get these swivel hooks in 3 different colors!!
Your store can order our purse Swivel Hooks and D Ring sets in Silver, Antique Gold and Black.  They can get them directly from United Notions!

Gracie makes sure that she also has her Tuscany Tote close by.  
She needs this larger tote to put the rest of her Glamping essentials.  What Glamping Girl isn't complete without a tote like this!

The great thing about Tuscany is that it has either 8, 12 or even 16 pockets inside!  It's the best way to stay organized and look fabulous at the same time.  
Gracie loves that there is a place for every Glamping need!

Gracie's Glamping Giveaway!

Gracie is giving away some goodies for you so that you can go Glamping too!  

You can enter to win:

All 3 patterns, a set of swivel hooks in your color choice plus a fat quarter set of the Glamping Fabric!!

To enter do these two things:

1) Like our Facebook Page and comment on the Glamping Facebook Post

2) Comment to this blog post

The winner will be chosen by Gracie 1 week from today and announced on our Facebook Page!  Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed going Glamping with Gracie!!  Come visit my website Pink Sand Beach Designs for more creative ideas and patterns!!

Nancy Green

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