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Quilter's Olympics

Quilter's Olympics

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Sadly the 2012 Olympics are over. 
But that got us thinkin' and we decided that our fellow quilter's are just as qualified as those Olympians to take the GOLD in something! Maybe not the pole vault but SOMETHING! 

So let's have a little fun quilters! 

Tell us... If you were in the Quilter's Olympics, what would YOU take the GOLD in? 

Most scandalous fabric collection in the county?
Best Display of Fat Quarter's?
The Most UFO's in your Quilt Guild?
Most Creative Use of Chocolate during Late Night Sewing?
Fastest "Un-sewing" Time with a Seam Ripper?

If you want to WIN... 
Be fun! Be creative! Be RUTHLESS!

 We will have a set of highly qualified judges that will determine who will take the Bronze, Silver & GOLD! 
GOLD: AccuQuilt Baby Go!
SILVER: Sewline Gift Set
BRONZE: Swatch Buddies

The winners will be selected on the morning of Friday the 17th. 

Best of Luck to you all! 

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