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We're "Sewing" Love... the winner is

We're "Sewing" Love... the winner is

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Happy Valentine's Day Sewing Friends!

The winner of the Oh Sew Sweet Sewing Kit is... 

And she has the sweetest Valentine memory... 

 Gwen said...
Oh, so cute!! :-) The sweetest Valentine I've ever received.... there have been so many wonderful gifts over the years-- both big and small.... But one that comes to mind was from my oldest daughter last year. When my girls were growing up, it was always a big tradition for us to bake us batches of heart-shaped sugar cookies and then decorate them so beautifully with glaze, icing, candy sprinkles and crystal sugar... They were always SO proud of their special cookies-- and always made a couple of "special" ones for their Daddy and me... My two older girls are all grown up now, married and moved out. Last year, our oldest daughter brought over a plate of those same Valentine cookies that we used to make all those years ago. :-) It made me happy to remember those times--- and to know that *she* remembers those times... :-)

Gwen, if you will please email me your physical address I will send your sewing kit to you right away!

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