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Sprinkles... the kind you sew, not eat! (and a giveway!)

Sprinkles... the kind you sew, not eat! (and a giveway!)

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What did you first think of when I said Sprinkles? 

I’m guessing you thought of the colorful little do-da’s that go on top of your favorite cupcakes and cookies!

Well as much as we love our sweets around here, we have some calorie free Sprinkles to share with you today!

Take a look at the SPRINKLES the creative team of Izzy & Ivy have concocted... 

They are woven labels AND size tags for all of your handmade sweets & treats!!!

Adorable right?!
 Packaged inside this delicious little cupcake you will find an assortment of 
30 amazingly cute labels and size tags. 

Here is what Izzy & Ivy have to say about their new treats...

"They are so pretty and like cupcakes they add the "sprinkles" to your confection. Sprinkles aren't necessary, the cupcake is just as good without them, but really they make the eating much more fun, don’t you agree?"

"We have always included a woven label with each pattern, and were surprised how much customers loved them! We saw a need and got to work, we are very proud of the finished product and are in process of releasing a boy version and additional label collections. Labels and size tags provide the finishing touch to handmade goodies, like sprinkles on a cupcake :0)"

We have all had a bit of a love affair going with Izzy & Ivy's precious pattern line and were curious about how they got started so here is a fun little Q&A with them to find out...

Can you tell me a little about how ya'll got started?
Izzy & Ivy was started by us three (Shasta, Jana, and Lauralee), we
all three love to sew and wanted to see more options in the clothing
pattern industry, so we just jumped in...head first! It's been so
much fun and a lot of work! Never in our wildest dreams did we
imagine our little company would be so successful, it's been so

How did the name Izzy & Ivy come to be?
The name Izzy & Ivy just sounded cute. Izzy represents a little sass
and flirt, and Ivy represents feminine and all things girly. We are
actually working on giving Izzy and Ivy faces, we've always known
exactly what these two little ladies look like, we can't wait to
introduce them very soon!

Where do you get your design inspiration?
Our inspiration comes from the 16 children we have between the three
of us! Our goal is to create fun clothing patterns that are fun to

make and most importantly, fun to wear!

And now for being so darn sweet here is YOUR Special Treat...
I'm giving away 1 free SPRINKLES CUPCAKE!!

To win, please join our page and leave a comment telling us what notions and/or fabrics are giving you a Sweet Tooth! ; )  

I will randomly select a winner next Monday.

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