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Quilting with Snuggles- Meet Maggi Honeyman

Quilting with Snuggles- Meet Maggi Honeyman

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It is 104 degrees in the shade here in Dallas but I thought it was perfect timing to talk about quilting with Snuggles. We use Snuggles as backing for everything from baby quilts, dorm beds to rugged men's quilts.

Fabrics like this can be a little more difficult to handle than the 100% cottons quilters are accustomed to so I asked Maggi Honeyman about quilting with it. She has shared some of her tips with us for long-arm quilting.

Quilting on Snuggles

Moda's Snuggles fabric line is an absolutely wonderful treat to use as a backing.   While it may look a little daunting, long arm quilting on Snuggles is really not a problem as long as you follow a couple of easy tips.  Here are a few ideas to share with your customers.

First - it is very important that the fabric be cut straight.  That can be a bit of a problem as the fabric is pretty stretchy and a little slippery.  Just be sure and have your selvages lined up really well, then try to cut on a surface that allows you not to have to shift the fabric to accomplish the entire cut.  (Something like a large dining room table?)

Next - the fabric must be loaded on the crossgrain of the fabric - the stretchy cut side - and not on the selvages.  The selvages would certainly be easier to pin but take it from experience, it doesn’t really work out so well!  Also, it's important to put the pins very close together so as not to stretch the fabric.

Now that you have the quilt loaded be sure not to put too much tension between the top and bottom rollers - again, you do not want to stretch the fabric.  After basting, clamp carefully and then quilt away.

I would always recommend using a new needle and if you're going to use a batting, use a fairly thin one as the fabric itself is heavier than a regular quilting cotton.

The quilting shows up so wonderfully on the back because the thread buries itself in the pile and leaves a fabulous dimension.   The little extra effort it takes to use Snuggles is so worth it as this fabric is the softest, most snugly stuff you have ever touched.

Maggi Honeyman - Sew, Maggi's Quilting!

Do you want to know more about Maggi?

How did you become a quilter?  What I mean by that is how long have you been piecing quilts for your personal use?

I started quilting just about 20 years ago in the middle of my 20 year home day care career.  My husband and I have 4 children and I wanted to stay at home with them so, day care was the answer.  However, it was driving me a little crazy so i picked up quilting about half way through my tenure.  I was instantly hooked and it absolutely helped save my sanity :0)
When did you start machine quilting for the public? How did that all come about?
I started machine quilting 11 years ago as a result of total day care burnout!  My youngest was 11 and I couldn't wipe another snotty nose or "you-know-what".  But, I had 3 children under the age of 18 still at home and decided I needed to be home worse then than when they were babies and machine quilting gave me that option.
I've heard that you bought your house to fit your quilting machine? Tell me about that.
When I got my machine it just so happened that our home in Florida had a stacked formal living/dining area.  It was the only place that the machine would fit and the dining area was already my personal sewing area so it worked out well.  When we moved to the Dallas area 9 years ago I quickly learned that even in TX it is hard to find a room that is big enough to accommodate the 12 ft. machine table.  So, we found 1 home in about 40 that had the stacked formal living/dining area and that is where we are today.  Ultimately, I would love to have a studio out on the South 40 (Kansas terminology).  It can be daunting having my work stare at me all day, every day, but for the most part I have learned when it is
time to turn the "Lincoln in the living room" off.
Maggi's grand daughter, Lilly inspecting my quilt
Favorite quilt? I know this is like asking if you have a favorite child.
Favorite??  I think each quilt is it's owners favorite even if every once in a while I will get a quilt that is pretty badly pieced.  They are much more difficult to work on.  These quilts used to cause me a lot of stress but I have come to the comfort of knowing that the person who made it did it with love and as well as she could and she enjoyed herself while she was making it.  Much less stress on my part that way!  Favorite???  I have had many over the years.  Cop out answer, I know, but usually it is just about living in the moment.  I have had so many wonderful customers and the opportunity to quilt many beautiful quilts.
If quilting is your business, what is your hobby?
Quilting began as a hobby for me and I still LOVE piecing.  I find it very relaxing and the friends
 I have made over the years are invaluable to me.  I will be quilting long after I retire from
my business (which isn't anytime soon!).
How do you pick the quilting designs? Threads?
I try and let the quilt "talk" to me.  Sometimes they are stubborn that way though!  But really, I look at the style of quilt and fabric and let that be the place to start.  I have collected lots of books and magazines over the years that I refer to and the Internet is a great place to look for quilting ideas.  Of course sometimes the quilt maker has specific ideas and I always try and give that customer what she wants.

Thank you Maggi for sharing your tips on Quilting with Snuggles.

Moda also  has a line of Plush fabrics named Fireside. They are a wonderful soft texture in dark warm colors. The color ranges are shown below. ( They're available in the the popular greys colors as well!)

Ask for these at your favorite Moda Retailer.


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