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American Jane's Pillow talk

American Jane's Pillow talk

Written by: 
Lissa Alexander

We have invited Sandy Klop to be our featured guest. You may all know her from American Jane Patterns.

Here is a bit of history about Sandy:

Sandy Klop had her first exposure to the world of colorful patterns while watching Klompen dancers perform. Every year in May her hometown of Holland, Michigan, celebrated tulip time with a vast array of Dutch costumes.
She was first exposed to quilting in 1979 at her sister-in-laws when she returned from teaching in Iran. She went on to teach art in Saudi Arabia for the next four years. She loved the rich colors and patterns in the tiles and carpets of the Middle East. Back in California, Sandy began to make pattern samples for a local quilt store. From there she moved to machine quilting. She has worked at a local quilt shop and taught many quilt classes.  She has been designing for Moda  since 2003. “Now I have a new fabric range from Moda every six months and I design quilt patterns to feature my new fabrics. I’m truly living my dream.”

Sandy is day 19 on the Moda Pillow Talk blog hop.  All the moda designers were asked o design a pillow that described them. Her pillow and pattern are shown here.
Go to Sandy's website to see her other patterns or visit moda fabrics to see her newest line of fabrics
available in stores in March.

Click here for a printable pattern to make this pillow.

Sandy and I had the privilege to be roommates for a week at sea. Sandy does not have a blog so her post  and interview are featured below.  The interview was conducted during the cruise. Sorry, no bathing pictures will be included in this post.
When I first found out I was going to be teaching on a quilting cruise, I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I had to make a quilt!

I have always wanted to do animals in clothes and I've loved the Noah's ark story, then suddenly the cruise! Of course the First cruise ship ever!  After the rainbow alphabet, I tried to get something for each letter. And not everyone gets to go so you have to have a ticket!  So the
 (I)  Invitation says ,(N)Noah and his wife , their three sons Shem ,(H) Ham and
(J) Japheth , request the honor of your presence at the (A) Ark in seven days
(that's when it will start raining) Deluxe accommodations , Double occupancy and ticket required!

The alphabet letters and background fabrics are from my line called Punctuation!

So of course all this was done with great excitement!!! I identified with Mrs. frog who couldn't wait to read in a deck chair!

Tell me a story about one of the animals on my quilt to win a chance at a Punctuation Jelly Roll.  Use your imagination... where are they going, what are they thinking, what did they bring along?
I asked Sandy some the Pillow Talk blog hop questions.
 Sandy , Tell me a little known fact about you?
........even I don't know a little known fact.
Sandy is an open book, sharing her talent, creativity and inspiration with everyone she meets. When we were on the elevator of the quilting cruise ship, she would invite anyone that got onto the elevator to come and check out the quilting classes.
How do you relax?
.......I relax in the hot tub The best time is when it's cold and raining!
What do you sleep in? Pj's nightie, etc.
....I sleep in a night gown
Being her roomie, I will add that she is just as fashionable at bedtime as she is during the day. This is a good thing!
What kind of pillow to you sleep with?
.......I have a feather pillow med. weight
Did you sleep with a stuffed animal when you were young?
...... I never slept with a stuffed toy but I did love to roll straight pins between my thumb and first finger. That doesn't work any more ,but uncooked spaghetti noodles work . Try it!
I didn't get a chance to have her show me this. If you run into her at any of the shows, ask her to demo this.
Do you read, watch TV, or sew in bed?
...I don't eat read or watch TV in bed when I hit the pillow I'm gone.
This is another reason we were such good roommates. We did stay up past 10:00 a couple nights laughing and planning what we could do to harass Robert Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles.
Who would you have a pillow fight with?
..... no way I wouldn't fight anyone
The cruise is over and I feel like a.....

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see the entire list of pillow talk authors, click here.
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The winner of a Puncuation jelly roll is:

Ralph and Roberta Rabbit were So surprised and excited when they received their tickets for the cruise on the Punctuation Cruise Line!!! They hadn't had a weekend away from the kids in forever and were much in need of some relaxation. They immediately pulled out the world map to show the little ones where they would be traveling to--- Amerijan-- a beautiful tropical getaway off the coast of Modaco. Ralph and Roberta couldn't wait. This would be like a second honeymoon for the couple, complete with the most delicious food on every buffet (even breakfast would be a feast with the most delectible candy bars, jelly rolls, honey buns, layer cakes and turnovers you can imagine!) , opportunities to swim in one of the many refreshing pools onboard, enjoy dancing the night away at the Disco Fever lounge, luxuriate at the spa with full-body massages, manicures, pedicures, mudpacks.. the works!! Roberta instantly began making lists of all the items that she would need to bring (swim suit, ball gown, stilleto heels, brag book with pictures of the babies- because she *knew* she'd want to show them off!-, and of course, her quilting bag to give her somethinig to keep her hands busy during the "just relax"ing times.) Ralph wasn't as worried about *what* to bring-- just as long as he remember to pack his elastic waist pants, because he planned to partake of every good thinig on the ship -- and he'd been told that there are always a LOT of good things to be had on a curise with the Punctuation Line! :-)

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